17 Smart Money Tools To Use Right Now

With smart money tools, managing your money has never been easier.

There are money tools available to help you organize, manage, and save cash.

With the right tools, you can take your finances to the next level!

To help you find the right ones that will work best for you and your personal money situation, Savebly has compiled a list of the best tools to help with your finances.

Let’s get into the best smart money tools to use right now…

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    Smart Money Management Tools

    Money management is a must for personal finance, so here are some smart money management tools to help you out.


    Empower money management tool

    Empower, previously known as Personal Capital, is an excellent money management tool you should definitely use.

    Empower is a free online financial advisor and personal wealth management tool that allows you to aggregate all your accounts in one place.

    This gives you a great way to keep tabs on your big financial picture and track your net worth.

    It can be tough to manage your money when it’s all over the place in different accounts, so I highly recommend checking out Empower to get one dashboard to have a clear picture of all your finances.

    Rocket Money

    Rocket Money money tool

    One of the best smart money tools you can use to manage your money is Rocket Money.

    Rocket Money, formerly known as Truebill, is an awesome app that tracks your spending and lets you manage your money easily!

    With Rocket Money, you will see precisely how much money you are spending and in which categories, so you can set up a budget right in the app to know where you need to make adjustments.

    Along with spending insights, the app will also track your net worth and credit score to see how you manage your money over time.

    Rocket Money also offers a savings account where you can set up automatic savings to boost your savings. Plus, the savings account is FDIC-insured!

    One of the most popular features of Rocket Money is its ability to manage your subscriptions, meaning you can see which subscriptions you are paying for, and you can easily cancel the subscription within the app in a few clicks.

    Another excellent feature Rocket Money offers is that it can negotiate with your bill providers to lower your bills!

    I highly recommend checking out Rocket Money since it is one of the best money management tools out there! 


    Mint app for money

    Another excellent smart money management tool that I recommend checking out is Mint.

    Due to its popularity, you may have heard of Mint before, but if you still need to, it is similar to Rocket Money.

    Mint is a popular financial app widely known for its ability to track your spending and budget management.

    All you need to do is link your financial accounts to Mint so it can track your income, investments, and spending all within the app.

    You will then get an overview of your finances and set up a budget right within the app to manage your money better!

    Mint also offers a bill negotiation service so you can save money on your bills automatically.

    I highly recommend checking out Mint to manage your money better!


    Oportun smart money tool

    Oportun is a smart money tool because it offers affordable loans and financial services to individuals who may not have access to traditional banking options.

    With its focus on helping people build credit and improve their financial well-being, Oportun stands out as a responsible and trustworthy alternative to predatory lenders.

    By providing transparent and easy-to-understand loan terms, Oportun empowers its customers to take control of their finances and achieve their goals. Overall, Oportun is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their financial situation and build a better future.

    Oportun analyzes your income and spending and finds money it can safely set aside for you.

    The app will automatically move money from your checking account to your Oportun savings account so you can save money easily!

    Plus, your money in Oportun is FDIC-insured, which means it’s insured by the government in case anything terrible happens to Oportun.

    Along with saving money, you can also set up a budget and invest in the Oportun app.

    Oportun is one of the best overall money management tools, so I highly recommend checking it out!

    Identity Guard

    Identity Guard tool for financial safety

    This might seem strange to see on a list of smart money tools, but hear me out…

    What is the point of having money if you don’t take measures to keep it safe?

    With the rise of online banking, investing, shopping, etc., your financial information is constantly transferred over the internet, and many hackers are out there looking to make some illegal income.

    This is why you need to be safe and secure; this is where Identity Guard steps in.

    Identity Guard is a service that will protect you from identity theft and prevent financial fraud from occurring.

    They will monitor your accounts and alert you when your information is leaked in any data breaches and floating around the dark web.

    There are a few plans to choose from, all offering different levels of protection, so check it out and choose the right plan for you!

    Smart Tools To Save Money

    Saving money is an essential process in personal finance, and these are some smart tools to save money easily.


    Dosh money saving app

    One of the best ways to save money is to use cashback apps, and one of the best tools to use is Dosh.

    Dosh is a fantastic cashback app that will give you automatic cash back on your purchases!

    The big issue with most cashback apps is that you must activate offers within the app before getting cash back, not Dosh.

    With Dosh, all you need to do is link your debit card or credit card to Dosh, and when you purchase at a participating store, you will get cashback.

    It’s that simple!

    Just sign up for Dosh here and start earning cashback quickly!


    Use Rakuten to save money

    One of the most popular and trustworthy cashback apps that you can use is Rakuten.

    Rakuten is one of the largest cashback apps available, and it partners with thousands of brands you can get cash back from!

    With Rakuten, you can get cash back from online shopping through its website, app, or browser extension and get in-store cash back when shopping with a linked credit or debit card.

    Plus, you will get a $10 sign-up bonus when you sign up with my link!

    I highly recommend checking out Rakuten to save money on your purchases easily!


    Honey app

    Honey is the perfect solution for you if you’re looking to save money on your online purchases.

    This free browser extension automatically scans the internet for the best deals and promo codes, ensuring you never pay the full price again.

    With Honey, you can easily save money on everything from clothes and electronics to food and travel.

    Simply install the extension and start shopping – Honey will take care of the rest!

    Fetch Rewards

    Fetch Rewards money tool

    Fetch Rewards is another excellent cashback app that is one of the best ways to save money on food.

    Fetch Rewards is a cashback app designed to get cash back on 1,000’s of food items!

    All you have to do is activate offers within the app, and after you are finished shopping, scan your receipt within the app to earn points.

    You can then trade these points for several gift cards or PayPal cash.

    Plus, when you sign up for Fetch Rewards with my link, you will get 100 points as a sign-up bonus!

    I highly recommend using Fetch Rewards since it’s one of the best tools to save money on food!

    CIT Bank

    Save money with CIT Bank

    Putting a bank on this list of smart money tools might be strange, but CIT Bank deserves a spot.

    CIT Bank is an online bank offering one of the nation’s highest interest rates!

    This means that you will earn more money in interest when storing your cash in a CIT Bank savings account rather than another savings account.

    Plus, CIT Bank is FDIC insured just like most other banks, which means your money is safe, so there is nothing to worry about.

    I highly recommend checking out CIT Bank so you can earn more on your money!

    Smart Tools To Make Money

    If you want to get ahead in your financial life, then you need to find ways to make more money, so here are some smart tools to make money quickly.


    Make money with Neighbor

    A fantastic tool that you can use to make some easy money is Neighbor.

    Neighbor is an app that you can use to make money by storing things for people in your unused space.

    It’s easy money!

    All you need to do is sign up as a host on Neighbor, and you can choose when and how people can rent your space to store items.

    Plus, it’s completely free to become a host, and every person who pays to store their items is verified, so the entire process is secure.

    Along with the verification process, Neighbor protects hosts with up to $1 million in personal liability for any issues.

    I recommend checking out Neighbor to use a tool to make money quickly!


    Swagbucks tool to make money

    If you want a tool to make easy money at home, I recommend checking out Swagbucks.

    Swagbucks is a popular and trustworthy rewards app where you get rewarded by taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, etc…

    There are many tasks on Swagbucks, and you will earn points you can redeem for several gift cards or PayPal cash.

    Plus, when you sign up for Swagbucks with my link, you will get a $10 sign-up bonus!

    Check out Swagbucks and start earning some rewards from home quickly.

    Survey Junkie

    Survey Junkie

    Another fantastic survey site that you can use as a smart money-making tool is Survey Junkie.

    Survey Junkie doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as other survey sites, it’s just a platform to take surveys to get rewarded, but it’s awesome.

    You can find surveys that pay up to $75 on Survey Junkie!

    All you need to do is sign up for a free account and start taking surveys to make money.


    make money with Instacart

    A fantastic way to make money for anyone looking to earn some extra income is Instacart.

    Its user-friendly platform and flexible scheduling make it easy to fit Instacart into your busy life and earn money on your own terms.

    Plus, the demand for grocery delivery services has only grown recently, so there’s never been a better time to sign up and start earning with Instacart.

    Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or make a career out of it, Instacart is a great tool to help you achieve your financial goals.

    You can make $1,000’s with Instacart, so I highly recommend checking it out!

    Smart Investing Tools

    Investing is a crucial part of personal finances and will boost your wealth, so here are some smart investing tools to use.


    Invest with Wealthfront

    One of the best smart money tools to grow your money is Wealthfront.

    Wealthfront is a robo-advisor that uses complex algorithms to make you the most money possible based on the risk you want to take.

    All you need to do is answer a few questions to determine your risk tolerance, and Wealthfront will build your investment portfolio for you, and all you need to do is invest.

    I recommend setting up a monthly deposit to grow your money automatically.

    Also, if you sign up with my link to Wealthfront, you will get $5,000 managed for free!

    It’s one of the easiest ways to invest your money, so I highly recommend checking it out!


    Use Webull as a money tool

    Another excellent investing tool that you should check out is Webull.

    Webull is an investing platform I recommend using if you want more control over your investments.

    With Webull, you can invest in stocks and ETFs commission-free, so it’s definitely worth using!

    Plus, when you sign up to Webull with my link, you will get free stocks as a sign-up bonus!

    Webull is an awesome investing app that I recommend using to grow your money in the stock market.


    Invest and make money with Instacart

    Last but not least, one of the best smart money tools you can use to invest your money is Acorns.

    Acorns is a popular investment app that you have most likely heard of before, but if not, here is a brief overview.

    It’s an app that allows you to invest easily and automatically!

    One of Acorns’ most famous features, which separates it from other investment apps, is its round-up investing feature.

    Their round-up feature allows you to invest spare change automatically when you link your credit and debit cards.

    For example, if you buy a coffee for $3.25, Acorns will round up the purchase to $4 and invest $0.75 for you automatically.

    It’s not much, but it sure does add up, and you’ll be surprised about how much you invest after some time!

    Plus, when you sign up to Acorns with my link, you will get a $5 bonus to start your investing journey!

    I highly recommend using Acorns as a tool to invest your money easily.


    These are some of the best smart money tools to manage your money more effectively!

    With these tools, you can save, make, and invest money quickly and safely.

    Choosing the right tools will make your financial life easier, so I definitely recommend using these tools to get smart with your money.

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    What are some smart money tools you use? Do you use any of these tools? Let me know in the comments below!

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