21 Awesome Apps For Free Food! [With Bonuses]

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Apps For Free Food

We are in a time where you can get free food by just using apps! Yes, really!

Honestly, there are so many apps that can get you free food but the fact is that most are simply a waste of time.

By using the tips on this list, you will learn how to get some free food fast.

So, if you want to know how to receive free food with no money check out these top ways you can get free food easily…

Use Cash Back Apps To Get Free Food

Honestly, cashback apps are some of the best ways to claim free food because you will get money back for your everyday purchases!

They’re free and easy to use so why not? Let’s get to them…

  1. Ibotta

Use ibotta to get free food easily

One of the best food apps to use to get a free meal is Ibotta.

Ibotta is an app that can help you save $1,000’s on food and other household items.

What makes Ibotta so great is that you are getting cash back for everyday purchases and you can then use this money in any way you’d like, like getting free food!

And get this…

When you sign up to Ibotta with my link you will get up to $20 for free after you redeem your first offer.

This is a great app to earn free food now and I highly recommend signing up for it right now.

Get Up To $20 On Ibotta Now!

  1. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards App

Another app that is very similar to Ibotta is Fetch Rewards and it is one of the best apps that give you free food.

Fetch Rewards is a savings app where you can earn points for your everyday purchases!

The main difference between Ibotta and Fetch Rewards is that Ibotta pays in cash while Fetch Rewards gives out points.


You can use both Ibotta and Fetch Rewards together to get double the rewards!

Fetch rewards is one of the best apps to use since you can get gift cards to places like Applebee’s, BJ’s, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, Taco Bell, Whole Foods, etc…

Remember to sign up to Fetch and use the referral code K84QE to get $2 for free and also sign up to ibotta as well to double your savings which means more gift cards for you!

  1. Shopkick

Get rewarded on Shopkick

Another pretty cool app that allows you to earn free food by earning gift cards is Shopkick.

Shopkick is a free rewards app that is available on the App Store and Play Store!

There are three ways to earn points on Shopkick, you can simply walk into stores to earn points (the easiest), scan barcodes for certain items, and shop and scan receipts.

There are many gift cards you can redeem on Shopkick but for the sake of this post let’s stick with gift cards for food. Some examples are Walmart, Target, Starbucks, Outback Steakhouse, etc…

Plus, when you sign up using my link you will get 250 points after your first walk-in or scan!

Download the app from the App Store or the Play Store if you have an Android device.

  1. Dosh

Use Dosh to get cash back on food

One of my absolute favorite apps to use is Dosh!

If you haven’t heard of Dosh then you are sure missing out. Dosh is a cashback app that will automatically give you cashback on your purchases!

Dosh works with in-store purchases as well as online purchases so you can maximize your cash back savings!

I highly recommend using Dosh, you’ll be able to get cashback on food and other items automatically then use the cashback for free food.

Plus, when you sign up with my referral link and activate your first card you’ll get $1 for free.

After you get $25 in your Dosh account you can cash out to PayPal, Venmo, or your bank account.

Super Money Tip: Check out Dosh now and get cashback automatically. You’ll get $1 just for signing up! It’s definitely one of the best apps that give you free food.

Get $1 Free With Dosh!

  1. Drop

Use the drop app for cash back

An app that is very similar to Dosh which will also help you earn free food is Drop.

Drop is another cash back app that isn’t that well known as yet but it’s pretty awesome!

You will get points for shopping at partnered stores and you can use these points to get gift cards to restaurants or grocery stores.

Plus, when you sign up with my link you’ll get $5 free for just for signing up!

Check out Drop and start getting gift cards to places like Dunkin Donuts, The Cheesecake Factory, Whole Foods, Uber Eats, Shake Shack, etc…

Claim Your $5 From Drop Here!

  1. Rakuten

Use Rakuten to get free gift cards for food

One of the oldest and most trustworthy cashback apps is Rakuten (previously known as Ebates).

Rakuten is a really awesome cash-back app that you should definitely be using!

With the Rakuten app, you can save money on your online purchases and in-store purchases.

You can then use the cashback from Rakuten to receive free food right now!

Plus, if you sign up to Rakuten with my link you will get $10 for free when you spend $25 in Rakuten within 90 days (which is pretty easy to complete).

Get $10 From Rakuten Here!

  1. TopCashback

Use TopCashback

The last (but not least) cashback app that you can use to get free food easily is TopCashback.

TopCashback states that they work with over 4,400 brands to give you cashback on pretty much any purchase you make!

You will be able to get gift cards to places like Walmart, Applebee’s, Target, or you can cash out to PayPal or direct deposit.

Check out TopCashback and get paid for your everyday purchases and use that money to earn free food!

Survey Apps

One of the other best ways to get free food is to use survey apps to make some extra money in your free time.

Yes, it requires some work but it’s super easy to do and you can use survey apps to get food by getting gift cards or by getting paid via PayPal.

Let’s get into it…

  1. Swagbucks

Earn free gift cards on Swagbucks

One of the best survey apps that you can use right now is Swagbucks!

Swagbucks is an awesome app where you can earn points for taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, searching the web, etc…

Then you can use those points and redeem them for several different gift cards!

Plus, if you sign up to Swagbucks with my link you’ll get $5 for free!

Claim Your $5 From Swagbucks Here!

  1. Inbox Dollars

Use InboxDollars Today

Another cool survey app that is pretty similar to Swagbucks is InboxDollars.

InboxDollars is not only a survey app, but you can also make money by watching videos, playing games, reading emails, etc…

You can even use InboxDollars with Swagbucks to earn free food!

With InboxDollars to will be able to earn gift cards to places like Walmart, Target, Chili’s, or go for safer options like a Visa gift card, PayPal, or a check.

Super Money Tip: Plus, to make InboxDollars even better you’ll get $5 for absolutely free when you sign up with my link!

Get $5 From InboxDollars Here!

  1. MyPoints

Use MyPoints

If you are looking for yet another robust survey app that’s like Swagbucks and InboxDollars then check out MyPoints.

MyPoints also has a cashback platform so you can save money when shopping online!

Once you get enough points on MyPoints you can then cash out to several different gift cards.

You can get gift cards to restaurants and grocery stores like Burger King, Buffalo Wild Wings, California Pizza Kitchen, Outback Steakhouse, and many more!

Super Money Tip: Plus, when you sign up with my link you will get $5 for free when you complete 5 surveys.

Claim Your $5 From MyPoints Here!

  1. Survey Junkie

Check out Survey Junkie for free food vouchers

The last survey site is Survey Junkie and this app is an awesome way to obtain free food.

With the Survey Junkie app, you can take surveys in your own time and earn points that can be traded for gift cards or PayPal cash!

Survey Junkie is a great app if you just want to take surveys without all the extra fluff or distractions.

Sign up to Survey Junkie and start earning now.

You can cash out to gift cards to stores like Starbucks, Walmart, Target, etc… or you can cash out to PayPal and use that money anywhere you choose!

Check Out Survey Junkie Here!

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Free Food Apps

While cashback apps and survey apps are awesome ways to get some extra cash that you can use to earn free food, there are brand-specific apps you can use to win free food as well!

Let’s get into a few food apps that you should download right now so you can score some free food…

  1. 7-Eleven

Join 7-Eleven Rewards

If you go to 7-Eleven often then you need to get the 7-eleven app.

With the 7-Eleven app, you will earn points for every purchase you make and you can then use these points for free food and drinks at 7-Eleven!

  1. Panera Bread

If you are a Panera lover then you need to get the Panera Bread app which will give you a free reward just for signing up!

You need to sign up to MyPanera Rewards here and then you’ll get a free item for just doing that.

  1. Chilis

Eat at Chili's for Free

Another awesome app that can get you free food is the Chili’s app.

With the Chili’s app and a My Chili’s Rewards account, you can get free food constantly by earning points that can be traded for free food items.

Plus, with the Chili’s app and a My Chili’s Rewards account, you can win free chips & salsa or a free non-alcoholic drink once every 60 days.

  1. McDonald’s

One of the best must-have food apps is the McDonald’s app!

This app is awesome because you can mobile order, mobile pay, and get access to some sweet deals and freebies!

Plus, you will get a free order of large fries when you download the app!

  1. Buffalo Wild Wings

Join Blazin' Rewards and earn points

If you eat at Buffalo Wild Wings then you need to get the Blazin’ Rewards app right now!

It’s absolutely free to get and you will be able to stack up points that you can use to obtain free food.

Just download the app on your phone, create an account, and start earning points.

  1. Del Taco

Yes, tacos! With the Del Taco app, you can get a free taco just for signing up for their “Raving Fan Club”.

It’s absolutely free to sign up to the Del Taco app and you can get any Del Taco for free after you sign up to Del Taco.

Claim your free Taco from Del Taco here.

  1. Starbucks

Get free coffee from Starbucks

A great rewards program for free food and drinks is the Starbucks Rewards program.

The Starbuck Rewards program is free to use and you will earn stars for your purchases that you can use for free items!

All you need to do is signup to the Starbucks Rewards program here and then just purchase items like you normally would at Starbucks.

You will start to get more and more stars that you can then use for free food or drinks!

  1. Dunkin Donuts

Another app like Starbucks where you can gain free coffee is Dunkin Donuts.

All you need to do is get the DD perks app and then shop like you normally would.

You will earn 5 points for every dollar you spend at Dunkin Donuts and once you get 200 points you can get a free drink!

Coupon Apps

Another type of app that can get you free food is coupon apps.

Of course, coupon apps save you money on food but there are also times where you can earn free food or drinks by using coupon apps!

Let’s get into it…

  1. Yelp

Use Yelp to claim a free item at a restaurant

Well, Yelp is not really a coupon app but there is one feature available on the Yelp app where you can gain free food and drinks.

All you have to do is simply check for the restaurant on Yelp and see if there are any offers available for checking in to the restaurant.

For some restaurants, Yelp will offer you a free drink or sometimes get a free appetizer for just checking into the restaurant!

Just check-in and show your waiter/waitress the offer from Yelp and that’s it. You just scored yourself a free drink or you can get a free appetizer!

  1. Groupon

Use Groupon to get cash back for free food

One of the best food apps that offers amazing discounts on food, as well as activities, is Groupon.

I’m sure you have heard of Groupon before and even used it at times but did you know that Groupon is not only a coupon app, it doubles as a cash-back app as well!

All you need to do is link the cards you use to shop with to Groupon and then simply eat at a restaurant that is part of Groupon+ and then you will get cashback straight to your card.

Just make sure you claim the offer in Groupon before you pay or else you won’t get your cashback.

Bonus – Free Birthday Item

Now for a bonus section!

There are a lot of brands out there that will give you a free item on your birthday but there are too many to list so I’ll go over a few awesome offers…

Au Bon Pain

Get a free coffee and pastry from au bon pain on your birthday

You can get a free coffee and pastry on your birthday from Au Bon Pain when you sign up for their eClub program.

Sign up to the Au Bon Pain eClub and you will be emailed a coupon before your birthday for your free items.

Auntie Anne’s

If you get the Auntie Anne’s app and sign up to their My Pretzel Perks program you’ll get a free pretzel on your birthday!

The offer will be automatically loaded onto the app and you’ll have 14 days to get a free pretzel before it expires.

Baja Fresh

By being a member of the Baja Fresh Club Baja program you can get a free burrito on your birthday with the purchase of a large drink.

Just make sure you have the Baja Fresh app and join the Club Baja program 4 days before your birthday to get a free birthday burrito.


Get a free grand slam breakfast from Denny's on your birthday

On your birthday you can get a free grand slam breakfast from Denny’s!

Just join the Denny Rewards program and then show your ID to a Denny’s employee on your birthday and get a free grand slam breakfast.


Sign up for the MyHop rewards program from IHOP to get a free stack of pancakes on your birthday!

But not only that…

You will get a free stack of pancakes for simply signing up to the MyHop program and you’ll get a free stack of pancakes on your first anniversary of joining the program.

Jersey Mike’s

Claim a free sub and drink from Jersey Mike's on your birthday

Simply sign up to the Jersey Mike’s MyMike’s rewards program and you’ll get a coupon to get a free sub and drink for your birthday!

Just make sure you sign up for the rewards program at least 24 hours before your birthday to get a free sub or else you’ll have to wait until your next birthday to redeem the offer.

Red Robin

You will get a free burger and fries from Red Robin on your birthday!

Simply sign up to the Red Robin Royalty Club and the offer will be loaded to your account before your birthday.

Waffle House

Free waffle on your birthday from Waffle House

At Waffle House, well, you’ll get a free waffle for your birthday. (I’m sure you could have guessed this one)

All you need to do is sign up to the Waffle House Regular Club and you’ll get a free birthday waffle, simple!


I highly recommend you use some of these food apps daily to get some free food. I mean why not?!

You should definitely use a cashback app like Ibotta or Dosh to get essentially free money and then use a survey app like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie to make some extra cash in your free time!

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What is your favorite place to eat? What apps do you use to get some free food? Have any other food apps to add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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