25 Simple Ways You Can Save Money On Utilities Now

We’ll get into these awesome ways to save money on utilities in a bit but first, let me ask you something…

Have you ever heard this line before “it’s not how much you make, it’s how much you keep”?

The thing is that this line drops the truth bomb on all of us!

Listen, I’m not telling you that you have to be a penny pincher (if you are that’s perfectly fine) but you should definitely look for ways to save money without diminishing your quality of life.

Have you ever heard Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote? Which is:

“There are only two certainties in life – death and taxes” – Benjamin Franklin.

I would like to add one more thing to this and it is Bills!

Let’s face it, you will have to pay some sort of bills in your life and there is one type of bill that takes the money right out of your pocket…

This is your utility bill!

So how can you save money on utilities? Well, I created a list of 25 super simple ways to save money on utilities.

Let’s get straight to it!

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    Best Ways To Save Money On Utilities

    Now 25 items are a lot of ways to save money on utilities and you are most likely not going to do all of these methods right? I mean you are only human!

    So what are the best lifestyle changes that will save you money right now?

    Here are a few tips for saving money on utilities that you can implement right now!

    • Change Your Light Bulbs To Energy-Efficient Ones

    There is a reason that this is the first item on the list (spoiler alert). It is such a simple way to save some extra money.

    • Use A Programmable Thermostat

    Listen there is no reason for blasting the heat or AC in your home when nobody is home. You might as well throw away your money. Invest in a programmable thermostat where you can easily alter the temperature in your home. It’s an upfront cost but it can save you money big time!

    • Seal Air Leaks In Your Home

    You can invest in the best equipment and best practices but if your home is letting the heated or cooled air to escape than you are basically throwing money away! Make sure to check your windows and doors and make sure there aren’t any drafts. (more on this soon)

    • Turn It Off!

    The last best tip I want to give you which is a very simple way to save on utilities is to simply turn things off when you are not using them! Take off the water when you are in brushing your teeth, take off lights in rooms you are not in, etc… It’s a very simple way to save.

    P.S: if you run a business then I recommend checking out EnergyBot, they can help you save $1,000’s on your utility bill for your business!

    Now that we got through some quick tips on how to save money on utilities let’s dig deeper into this post…

    Change Light Bulbs

    change light bulbs to save money on utilities

    Simply swap your light bulbs for energy-efficient ones. If you haven’t done this already, what are you waiting for?

    This is such a simple and easy way to save money on utilities. Take it from the U.S Department Of Energy, which states “if you change 5 of your most frequently used lights with energy star bulbs you can save $75 a year”.

    Not bad if you ask me!

    Energy Star LED bulbs also last longer than fluorescent bulbs. For example, these Energy Star LED bulbs have an average lifespan of 25,000 hours which is about 3 years!

    Also, you are saving the planet by using less energy. Win-Win!

    Consider getting these energy-saving light-bulbs from Amazon, it’s one of the best tips for saving money on utilities!

    Cancel Cable & Land-Line

    If you’re not a big TV fan then consider canceling your cable subscription.

    There are now cheaper subscriptions like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime that you can use to save money!

    Listen, you may love your sports and I hear you. I know at this time there is no good cord-cutting solution to watch all the sports channels.

    Hulu Live and Sling TV are doing a great job with this and they currently have a good amount of sports channels but they might not have some channels that you want.

    Like I said if it diminishes your quality of life don’t do it! There are many other ways to save money on this list.


    If you do decide to keep your cable subscription, just call your cable provider and negotiate a lower bill. This works surprisingly well for most people!

    Also, if you have a cell phone plan then consider canceling your landline plan. I know a lot of people who rarely ever use their landline and they are paying for it every month!

    So think about if you need cable or your landline, if not then cancel them to save money on utilities!

    Programmable Thermostat

    Oh man, why do I even have to say get a programmable thermostat?!

    Well, the fact is some people don’t have a programmable thermostat and then there are those who have one but don’t utilize the features.

    By having a programmable thermostat you will definitely learn how to save on utilities!

    How? Well think about it, why do you need to heat or cool your house when nobody is home? The answer is you don’t.

    According to the U.S Department Of Energy, you can save as much as 10% a year on your heating and cooling by simply turning your thermostat back 7 – 10 degrees for 8 hours a day.

    Simply, the less you use the more you save and you are most likely not home for at least 8 hours a day so this is a really great and simple idea!

    I know what you are thinking, “well I don’t need a programmable thermostat for this, I can just manually set the temperature when I need to”

    Well, you can do this but you will have to remember to change the temperature all the time and you will most likely forget at times.

    Do yourself a favor and invest in a programmable thermostat, it’s a simple way to save money in the long run.

    I highly recommend this nest thermostat I know it is pricey but it has such an easy-to-use interface, it works with Amazon’s Alexa and you can also control it with your smartphone from anywhere throughout the house.

    This nest thermostat takes a programmable thermostat to a next level and Nest states that their energy star-certified device will save you an average of 10% – 12% on your heating bill and 15% on your cooling bill!

    This means the device will pay for itself in two years.

    If the nest thermostat is too expensive then consider getting the significantly cheaper Honeywell thermostat for only $85.99!

    It doesn’t look as good as the nest but it gets the job done!

    Use Surge Protectors

    You should always use surge protectors for your electronics because you don’t want a surge of electricity to fry your electronics!

    Surge protectors are such a cheap way to protect your electronics from unwanted damage.

    They also have another benefit!

    It is that little off switch right on the surge protector.

    Wait, what? Let me explain.

    Even when you turn off your electronics like your TV, Playstation, treadmill, printer, or computer they aren’t really “off”.

    They still use some electricity known as standby power and according to the U.S Department of Energy, standby power costs the average U.S household $100 per year.

    There is no need to pay for things you are not using!

    So plug all these electronics into a surge protector and before you leave the house simply hit the off switch on the surge protector to save money.

    For your convenience, you probably shouldn’t unplug large appliances like your fridge, dishwasher, stove, etc…

    This is a great simple way to save money on utilities. Keep this one in mind!

    Wash Clothes With Cold Water

    Wash clothes with cold water to save money on utilities
    Photo by Chrissie Kremer on Unsplash

    Here is one thing that many people don’t do! Most of your clothes can be washed using cold water so why not do it?

    By using warm or hot water you are throwing your money away when you don’t need to.

    Of course, there might be times when you need to use warm water to get out certain stains but these newer machines are capable of handling most stains with a cold water cycle.

    So, to save on utilities consider washing your clothes with cold water instead of warm water!

    Turn Down Water Heater

    This is a touchy subject because some people swear to not play around with your water heater and some say you should do it to save money.

    Well here is the truth, lowering the temperature on your water heater can save you money but you have to do so carefully.

    Your water heater must be set to a minimum temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This is due to legionella bacteria growing in your water supply.

    Now, at 120 degrees Fahrenheit, there is still a very slight risk of legionella bacteria growth but according to the U.S Department of Energy, this is safe for most people.

    The U.S Department of Energy also states that if you have a suppressed immune system or a chronic respiratory disease then you should set your tank to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Listen even if you are like “What the f— is legionella bacteria, I’m not messing with this .”, I definitely understand.

    You shouldn’t put your health at risk just to save some money. Even though the U.S department of energy says it is safe to set it to 120, the choice is up to you.

    Just remember to keep it between 120 – 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Air Dry Clothes

    Oh yes, our ancestors had it right, heck people still do this around the world so why don’t we?

    Yes, I know we have the convenience of a dryer and yes this tip only works if the weather permits.


    If the weather permits then you should definitely air dry your clothes using natural heat to save you money!

    According to IGS Energy, a clothes dryer costs the average family over $100 a year in electricity!

    Now say you live in NYC like me, you’re not going to get rid of your whole dryer bill because you won’t be air-drying clothes in the winter but you can still save money by doing it in the warmer months.

    This is a simple way to save money on utilities so definitely consider this one!

    Lower Internet Speed

    We are in the age where the first question you are asked when a guest comes into your home is, “what is your WiFi password?”

    I mean seriously! But the internet is a great place, you won’t be reading this right now if the internet wasn’t around.

    I would never tell you to get rid of your internet plan, no way!


    You might be able to save some money by lowering your internet speed.

    What you need definitely depends on a couple of things like how many devices you have on your network, what you are doing (video streaming, gaming, audio streaming, etc…), how many people are in your household, and how often are you doing these tasks, etc…

    So, as you can see there are a few questions to ask before making your final decision but my personal advice being in the tech field is that most people just need a plan around 25 Mbps download speed.

    You most likely don’t really need a high upload speed unless you are uploading large files to an offsite network but most people don’t do this.

    First head over to Speedtest and it will give you a baseline of what speed you currently have.

    Then head over to High-Speed Internet where you will answer a few questions that will help you determine around what speed you need for your needs.

    I recommend starting at 25 Mbps and then upgrading if you need to and shopping around for the best deal!

    Keep Home Sealed

    Picture this, you are sitting in your comfortable home and you just start throwing money out the window.

    Wait, what?!

    Well, this is what happens when your home isn’t properly sealed, you are basically throwing money away!

    Of course, the obvious points are keeping windows and doors closed when you have the heating or cooling on but cracks and door spacings can also lead to air leaks, costing you money.

    So, take some time and inspect your home for cracks and spacing. Consider sealing cracks with caulk and using draft guards for your doors like this best-selling one on Amazon.

    This is one of the simplest ways to save money at home!

    Make sure you check out this article by the U.S Department of Energy for tips to seal air leaks.

    Low Flow Faucets

    use low flow faucets to save money on utilities

    It’s a sad fact that Americans waste thousands of gallons of water per year from inefficient faucets.

    Now you should know by now (hopefully) that you should turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth. If you are not doing this then do so now!

    By doing this simple tip you can save up to 3,000 gallons of water per year according to the environmental protection agency!

    Taking it one step further is to install a low-flow faucet aerator and showerheads to save money on your water bill.

    Just make sure the items fit your specifications before you buy them.

    These items are amazing ways to save money on utilities and they will pay for themselves after a while!

    Energy Star Appliances

    We kind of went over this before but you should really make sure that your appliances are energy star certified.

    By just using energy star-certified appliances you can save $100’s per year!

    Now, of course, this varies but you can look at the Energy Star sticker on the appliance to see your yearly estimated savings.

    Here is the kicker, energy star appliances cost about the same as other appliances, they even might cost less sometimes!

    Check out this post by Direct Energy on a breakdown of how energy star appliances can help you save on utilities.

    Change Filters & Clean Vents

    Cleaning is one of the best ways to save money because you are increasing the lifespan of your appliances by cleaning out all of the dust and gunk that gets caught.


    By cleaning your appliances, you are getting rid of all that dust in the vents which causes your appliances to use more energy thus costing you more money.

    So, simply clean your appliances and house vents to save money on your energy bill!

    Use Fans

    Listen, I’m not going to write a lot here because it is very simple.

    When it is not so hot out then turn on the fan and save energy. There are some days when the AC doesn’t have to be cranked on full blast, a fan can get the job done.

    A simple way to learn how to save money on utilities!

    Close Curtains

    close curtains to save money on utilities

    Here is another super simple tip to save money, it is to simply close your curtains on hot days.

    By doing this you will block the sun so you can minimize the amount of heat that enters your home.

    Doing this along with the previous tip might be just what you need on those hot days!

    Dryer Balls

    Here is an interesting way to save money on your energy bill.

    By using dryer balls you can significantly decrease your dryer time leading you to save money big time.

    Making a less than $10 investment upfront can save you money in the long run!

    You can get dryer balls for less than $10 on Amazon and just throw them in your dryer and lower your drying time, then pocket the cash you save!

    Run Appliances At Night

    This is another interesting way to save on utilities. It’s certainly one of those lifestyle changes that will save you money.

    Doing my research I found that some utility companies raise their rates during peak hours such as mid-day and lower them during the night when most people are sleeping.

    So, if possible run your dishwasher, washer, dryer, etc… at night and save that cash!

    Now, this does depend on where you live and what utility company serves you. So, check your utility company’s website for rates at different times of the day.

    This requires some research on your part to find what time of the day offers the lowest rates but once you find this out you can save some serious cash!

    Turn It Off

    Yes, this is a given but there are still a lot of people who overlook this simple tip to save money on utilities.

    If you are not using the lights then take them off, if it is sunny outside open up the blinds and let natural light in, turn off the water when brushing your teeth, turn off the TV when you are not watching it, etc…

    These simple tips won’t affect your quality of life and they will save you money, win-win!

    Don’t Pre-Rinse Dishes

    Here is another interesting tip that I am guilty of and I’m sure some of you are also, it is to stop pre-rinsing your dishes!

    I know right! This sounds nuts, I mean who wants to put a plate with food all over it in the dishwasher?

    The fact is that most dishwashers nowadays can clean these dirty dishes effectively without having to pre-rinse your dishes.

    Head over to Consumer Reports for more information on this amazing tip!

    Insulate Your Home

    This is another simple but not-so-easy way to save money on utilities.

    By insulating your home you will stop those air leaks that we spoke about earlier and it will allow you to save money on heating during those cold months.

    This does require a lot of work on your part and if you are not able to do it you can hire a professional to do it for you.

    There are many types of insulation and it is something you should consider to save you money in the long run.

    Check out this great article by the U.S Department of Energy on how you can save money on utilities by insulating your home.

    Pack Dishwasher Full

    This is a really simple and straightforward tip that doesn’t need much explaining.

    Simply, wait until your dishwasher is full before running it! It makes no sense to run a dishwasher that is only half full.

    Don’t waste money, run your dishwasher when it is full.

    Use Natural Light

    use natural light to save money on utilities

    When the sun is shining bright there is no need to have the lights on in your house!

    Open up your curtains/shades a bit and let some of that natural light in your home so you don’t have to keep the light on all day long!

    This is one of those simple ways to save money at home!

    Take Faster Showers

    Listen up, there is no need to take an hour to shower, like no way!

    According to the Washington Post, a standard showerhead wastes 2.5 gallons of water every minute!

    Yes, this is absolutely nuts! Also, if you are showering with hot water you are wasting even more money due to the heating cost used.

    So simply take shorter showers. This along with low-flow showerheads can save you a lot of money!

    Dress Appropriately

    What the heck does this mean?

    No, I’m not telling you what to wear, I’m just saying to dress to match the weather.

    This may seem like common sense but I’m sure you heard the saying before, “common sense isn’t so common”.

    So, don’t wear short sleeve clothes in the winter and crank up the heat or wear long/thick clothes in the summer and blast the AC.

    By just dressing appropriately you won’t need to use as much energy, which allows you to save money on utilities!

    Keep Fridge Fully Stocked

    This is an interesting tip for you.

    If you keep your fridge packed then you will save money! How do you say?

    Well, if your fridge isn’t full then there is a lot of airspace in it so when you open the fridge door a rush of cold air escapes and warm air replaces it.

    This means your fridge will have to use more energy to lower the temperature.


    If your fridge is fully stocked then there is less air space meaning less cold air escapes.

    Before you say anything, no I’m not telling you to buy more food just to fill your fridge! You can fill it up with water jugs or soda bottles as space fillers.

    Solar Panels

    use solar panels to save money on utilities

    Last but not least, if you really want to save money then you should consider investing in solar panels!

    Now I know this is a big investment, so you should really only do this if you are staying in your current house for a very long time.

    According to Energy Sage, the average U.S household will have to pay $18,840 for solar panels. I know this is a lot of money but the solar panels will be able to pay for themselves in a few years!

    Also, you get a tax credit of 30% for installing solar panels on your house! The government will give you an incentive to go solar.

    Check out solar panel saving calculators like this one from revision energy for an estimate on how much money you can save.

    Solar panels require a big investment up front but they can save you a lot of money in the long run.


    We work and work and work to just pay bills, bills, and more bills!

    I mean, this sucks! So, take action and use these 25 tips to save money on utilities!

    Life doesn’t have to be just about working to pay bills, small changes in your life can bring you closer to financial freedom.

    You will save money on your utility bill but also you will be saving our planet which is more important! Stop being wasteful and live on less, it won’t harm you.

    If we all make these small changes in our life we can greatly decrease our Carbon footprint on this planet so we can leave some resources for those who barely have any and also future generations.

    Save money on utilities and take care of our planet, win-win!

    If you like this post then I recommend checking out my post on simple ways to save money every month!

    What is your favorite tip on this list? If you have anything to add leave a comment!

    I created this awesome infographic to summarize the key points in this post. If you have a blog or website feel free to use this infographic just link back to this article somewhere in your post. (Download the save money on utilities infographic here)

    Check out this awesome infographic on how to save money on utilities! These are amazing money saving tips so you can save money easily. These are save money on utilities tips so you should check it out! Learn these save money tips and learn to save money on electric bill! These save money tips will help you to stay in budget and pay off debt with the extra money! Save money on your utility bills with these money saving tips! #savemoney #money #budget #cash
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