Top 15 Millennial Money Blogs Actually Worth Your Time

As a fellow Millennial myself, I am always on the lookout for awesome blogs that resonates with the millennial generation.


I decided to do some research and look at over 100 Millennial money blogs to choose the top 15 millennial money blogs actually worth your time!

These millennial money blogs are of the highest quality and they all provide unique content which helps you to take control of your money and reach financial independence!

Whether you are looking for simple millennial money tips, debt payoff tips, advanced finance tips, etc… These blogs have all the tools you need to get your financial life on track.

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    Millennial Money

    Millennial Money Blogs

    Grant runs the blog Millennial Money and this guy is a hustler. He went from $2.26 in his bank account to a millionaire in 5 years! Yup… 5 years!

    Grant’s blog is amazing because it isn’t one of those penny-pinching blogs you always see (though there is nothing wrong with these), he describes how you can take control of your money by exploding your income.

    He worked hard to get raises at his job then realized he needed to do more so he started his own business. Grant now owns 3 successful companies and was able to retire at 30 years old!

    Grant is a real Millennial hustler so be sure to check out his amazing blog. Also, Grant has a killer book with a step-by-step guide to financial freedom. Pick up his awesome book here on Amazon.

    Money After Graduation

    Money After Graduation is one of the best millennial money blogs

    Bridget, the founder of Money After Graduation provides easy-to-follow money tips that will change your financial life!

    Money After Graduation will teach you how to increase your income to become a money master. Bridget and her team work hard to provide Millennials with the best content on financial tips.

    So, head over to Money After Graduation and check out their amazing content!

    20 Something Finance

    20 Something Finance Blog

    G.E. Miller from 20 Something Finance provides readers with in-depth financial tips to take control of their money! G.E., like a lot of other Millennials, went from no savings to a mountain of student loan debt.

    Now he is able to save over 85% of his income with all the killer tips he has picked up over the years. 20 Something Finance is one of the best Millennial Money blogs out there so you won’t want to miss out on G.E’s content.

    Head over to 20 Something Finance to learn more.

    Broke Millennial

    Broke Millennial Is One of the best millennial money blogs

    Erin from the Broke Millennial writes about amazing content that will help you Get Your Financial Life Together.

    She has an amazing story on her blog about how a Krispy Creme changed her life, you can check it out here and you won’t want to miss this one!

    Erin worked hard to get her financial life together and now she is sharing it all with you.

    She even wrote an amazing book where she goes through all the obstacles holding your financial life back and how to overcome them. Be sure to check out Erin’s awesome book on Amazon!

    Young and Thrifty

    Young and Thrifty blog

    Young and Thrifty is an awesome Canadian Millennial money blog by Kyle and Justin. These guys know what they are talking about and they make financial literacy easy and even fun!

    Kyle and Justin provide Millennials with the tips they need to live a financially stable life. Also, Kyle and Justin wrote a killer book called More Money For Beer and Textbooks.

    Check out Young and Thrifty and consider picking up More Money For Beer and Textbooks on Amazon!

    Millennial Money Man

    Millennial Money Man is one of the best millennial money blogs

    Bobby from Millennial Money Man has killer content on financial literacy for Millennials. After graduating college with $40,000 in debt he knew he had to make some financial changes.

    He grabbed the bull by the horns and started to take control of his money. He started Millennial Money Man to share his story and suddenly realized he was helping/inspiring so many other Millennials.

    Now, Millennial Money Man is a highly successful blog that helps 1,000’s of Millennials improve their financial lives.

    Millennial Boss

    Millennial Boss is one of the best millennial money blogs

    J. runs the amazing personal finance blog Millennial Boss and she was at one point drowning in debt like many other Millennials but in 2016 she decided to take control of her money and get serious with her financial life.

    By doing this, she was able to pay off nearly $100,000 to become debt-free!

    J. learned a boatload of money hacks that allows her to live a luxurious life for cheap. Now she shares it all with you, so check out Millennial Boss for awesome money tips!

    Millennial Revolution

    Millennial Revolution

    Millennial Revolution was one of the first personal finance blogs I started reading and for good reason. Firecracker and Wanderer (names they go by) write amazing content in a down-to-earth tone which is so refreshing.

    They took control of their money at a young age which allowed them to retire at 31 and travel the world! Sounds good right?

    Instead of buying a house Firecracker and Wanderer rented and invested their money which allowed them to become millionaires!

    Now they share all their tips and trick to reach financial freedom with you. Their stock market knowledge is insane so be sure to check out Millennial Revolution.

    Whitney Hansen

    Whitney Hansen runs one of the best Millennial money blogs

    Whitney runs a highly successful Millennial money blog where she provides Millennials with all the tips and tricks they need to pay off debt and reach financial independence.

    She is a real money hustler! Check this, she paid off $30,000 of debt in 10 months and bought her first house at 19 years old!

    If you are looking for an awesome millennial money blog that is fun to read, head over to Whitney Hansen’s blog!

    Half Banked

    Half Banked blog

    Desirae runs the awesome blog Half Banked where she gives killer Millennial finance tips without all the complex financial jargon.

    She writes in such a down-to-earth tone because she struggled with money once but learned how to manage her money and is now sharing all her tips with you.

    Check out Half Banked where Desirae will teach you awesome money management tips!

    Frugal Millennial

    Frugal Millennial Is one of the best millennial money blogs

    Jen from the Frugal Millennial has an awesome story about how she and her husband paid off over $100,000 in debt!

    Her story starts with the average Millennial nightmare, she graduated from college with massive student loan debt and got a job that didn’t pay nearly enough. Along with this, she was starting her adult life, you know… buying a house, all those bills, and starting a family.

    She knew things needed to change so she started to live more frugally and not give into the consumer mindset. This allowed Jen to take control of her money and pay off a massive amount of the debt she and her husband carried.

    Check out more of Jen’s story and her awesome content on Frugal Millennial.

    Fiery Millennials

    Gwen from Fiery Millennials wants to help Millennials quit the rat race and build the life of their dreams!

    Gwen is on the path to financial freedom and she is sharing her journey with you, along with all the awesome money tips she picks up on the way!

    Join Gwen’s journey to freedom on Fiery Millennials and get awesome tips on how you can quit the rat race to chase your dreams.

    My Millennial Guide

    My Millennial Guide Blog

    My Millennial Guide is a really awesome blog. Brian, the founder of My Millennial Guide, provides life-changing money tips so you can take control of your money and live the life you want!

    Brian understands your struggles as a young adult because he has been there, graduating college with $30,000 in debt he knew things needed to change. So he hustled his a$$ off and paid off all $30,000 in 12 months.

    Now he is sharing all his tips with you, so head over to My Millennial Guide to learn more!

    Young Money Finance

    Young Money Finance Blog

    Ben, the founder of Young Money Finance has built this blog into an amazing financial resource for Millennials.

    The team at young money finance knows all about the financial struggles young adults have and they provide awesome tips to overcome these struggles.

    Young Money Finance has been around for a while so they have authority in the space and they really know their stuff! So, head over to Young Money Finance and check out their awesome content!

    Young & Thrifty

    Young and Thrifty blog

    Kyle and Justin from Young & Thrifty are Canadian millennials who are seeking to raise financial literacy to other millennials.

    They have a team of professional personal finance writers that write about all the money topics you can imagine and they make it fun too!

    If you are a millennial, especially a Canadian millennial then I highly recommend checking out Young & Thrifty.


    I want to congratulate all the winners on the list; their unique content along with their hard work shouldn’t go unnoticed. They truly deserve a spot on this list!

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    I’m always on the lookout for amazing bloggers, so if you are a blogger in the personal finance space, drop a link to your blog in the comments below. Also, please share or link to this post if you enjoyed it.

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