These Are The Best Things To Scrap For Money This Week

What if I tell you that the best things to scrap for money are right in your house/apartment?

That’s right…

Did your old refrigerator finally give out, or did your water heater, microwave, or oven? Well, why not get rid of these to get some cash for scrap metal?

Whether you have your own metal to scrap or you go around collecting scrap metal, you can be on your way to making $100’s a week in side income!

Besides scrap metal, you can also make money scrapping electronics and even old car batteries.

I am also going to give you some ways you can make money scrapping metal for absolutely free! So make sure you stick through until the end of the post.

Before we get into how much money you can make scrapping metals, you need to know the difference between ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals to find the most profitable items to scrap.

Let’s get straight into the best scrap metal items you can sell to make money!

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    Ferrous Metals

    Simply, ferrous metals are any metal that contains iron. For example, steel is considered a ferrous metal.

    What’s the easiest way to differentiate between a ferrous metal and a non-ferrous metal? Simply check if it is magnetic.

    For example, that fridge you have with all those vacation magnets on it is made of ferrous metals.

    Just to note, if you have a stainless steel fridge then magnets most likely won’t stick. This means the fridge is non-ferrous and can fetch you more cash!

    There are different grades of stainless steel and they all have different pricing, just something to be aware of.

    Here is a list of some ferrous metals:

    • Carbon steel
    • Tool Steel
    • Cast iron
    • Wrought iron
    • Alloy steel

    Now let’s break these down and see what items consist of these ferrous metals because you most likely don’t have a brick of carbon steel laying around.

    Household Appliances

    Household appliances are the best things to scrap around the house

    Most household appliances are made up of ferrous metals and most scrapyards take them all!

    These appliances include things such as washing machines, dryers, ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, etc…

    Most of the time we replace these appliances without even thinking about scrapping the old ones for some cash.

    Why not scrap appliances for cash?

    Since these appliances are easy to come by they are one of the best things to scrap for money!

    You can easily get cash for scrap metal that comes from household appliances.

    Structural Steel

    Now this one isn’t as easy to come by and it will be a real hassle to lug around huge steel beams that are used in buildings and bridges but they can bring you in some nice cash!

    You will be able to find these types of steel from demolition sites where you can pick up these unused metals and turn them into money.

    To get these structural steels to scrap you will either need to know someone in the demolition business that can supply you with the materials or you need to make some calls or visits to see if you will be able to take the scraps.

    Second, you will need a large van or truck to carry these pieces of steel. Obviously, you can only take the ones that you can carry but they are heavy and most pieces are big so you’ll have your work cut out for you.

    These big heavy pieces of steel are one of the best things to scrap for money, so if you don’t mind putting in some elbow grease then this can be a great money-making opportunity!


    Scrap your old car for cash

    If you are tired of that old lemon you’ve been driving for 20 years, why not scrap it?

    Yup, you can scrap an entire car if you really wanted to but this can be a real pain due to certain rules, such as draining all the fluids from the car.

    You should also strip the car of any non-ferrous metals and put it in a separate pile because you will get more money for these. (we’ll talk about this soon)

    Honestly, you won’t get that much for scrapping a car but if the car is completely unusable and all of its components are dead then it is one of the best things to scrap for money.

    However, If the car has some working components I recommend stripping these components and selling them on eBay or Craigslist.

    By taking this approach you will maximize your profits!

    To junk your car with ease I recommend checking out Junk Car Medics, they will handle everything on their end to make sure you get money for scrap metal fast!

    If your car is in working condition then why not make money with it? Check out my post on ways to make money with your car to learn more!

    Old Scrap

    Yes, I know this is vague but this consists of all the other old ferrous metal items that can be scrapped for money.

    For example, there are some things to scrap around the house: lawnmowers, bicycles, AC units, water heaters, etc…

    Pretty much anything magnetic is fair game and can be scrapped for some cold hard cash!

    These old unused ferrous metals are honestly the best things to scrap for money because they are just lying around getting rusty, you might as well free up some room and scrap appliances for cash!

    Old appliances are honestly some of the best scrap metal items since they are super easy to come by!

    Ferrous Metals Prices

    The amount you can get for ferrous metals can vary depending on which scrap yard you go to and the location you are in.

    Ferrous metals usually come in a price range of $0.05 to $0.10 per pound.

    Now, of course, this isn’t a lot of money, you won’t get rich from nickels or dimes but the money comes in because the weight does add up fast!

    Ferrous metals are super easy to come by and due to this scrap yards don’t pay that much for them.

    For example, let’s say you get together 1,000 pounds worth of ferrous scrap metal. Now, this may seem like a lot but it really isn’t.

    This can easily be some scrap car parts, a fridge, a washing machine, a water heater, and an oven.

    Let’s say you scrap all of this and you get the worse price which is $0.05, you will walk out with $50.

    Now I don’t expect your jaws to drop over $50 for 1,000 pounds of scrap but it’s $50 you didn’t have before and these materials would have been junked anyway.

    Let’s get into the non-ferrous metals which are the most profitable items to scrap!

    Non-Ferrous Metals

    Ferrous metals are great because they are easy to get a hold of and you can make some quick cash but if you really want the big bucks then non-ferrous metals are the most profitable items to scrap!

    Non-ferrous metals are not as common as ferrous metals and even the more common ones like Aluminum don’t come in heavy sets like you would find in ferrous metals.

    Let’s take a look at some non-ferrous metals that you can scrap to make money:

    • Aluminum
    • Copper
    • Brass
    • Stainless Steel

    Now let’s break down each of these non-ferrous metals and see how you can make money scrapping each of these items!


    One of the best things to scrap for money is aluminum because it is a fairly common non-ferrous metal and it comes with a decent price at around $0.30 per pound!

    You might be able to find aluminum in housing frames and sidings. Gutters are another item that might be made of aluminum.

    Other items include certain car parts, building structures, car rims, wires, etc…

    There are multiple types of aluminum and you can get more information on the different types from this article.

    You can also scrap aluminum cans but you will most likely make more money by recycling these cans at a reverse vending machine.


    If you want to a lot of money scrapping then copper should definitely be included in your scrap items.

    There are multiple types of copper just like aluminum but the most common types of copper are #1 copper tubing and #2 copper tubing.

    These copper tubings are usually found in plumbing work and building structures.

    If you really want to get cash for scrap copper then you need to look at #1 bare bright copper wire, which is one of the best scrap metal items to make extra money.

    This type of copper comes with a very nice price tag at around $2 per pound!


    #1 bare bright copper wire isn’t that easy to come by but it is one of the most profitable items to scrap. It is usually found in building structures.

    You can also get cash for scrap copper insulated copper wires which have a scrap price of around $0.50 per pound.


    One of the best things to scrap for money is brass. It has a very nice scrap price at around $1.40 per pound!

    Brass can be found in valves, castings, pipe fittings, rods, and even bullet casings.

    So, if you have some Brass lying around then you should consider recycling brass for money because it is one of the best scrap metal items out there and one of the most valuable things to scrap!

    Stainless Steel

    Scrap stainless steel metals for money

    There are many types of stainless steel grades but you are looking at an average scrap price of around $0.25 per pound.

    Stainless steel can be found in many household appliances like a refrigerator, microwaves, ovens, etc…

    Remember that a simple way to tell if the appliance is made up of stainless steel is to do the magnet test. If it doesn’t stick then it is most likely stainless steel.

    These appliances can also be made up of aluminum but they will have a more dull texture than stainless steel.

    Non-Ferrous Metal Prices

    I went over the prices for these non-ferrous metals in each section but I will quickly list the average prices for these non-ferrous metals.

    • Aluminum – $0.30 per pound
    • Copper – $2.00 per pound
    • Insulated Copper Wire – $0.50 per pound
    • Brass – $1.40 per pound
    • Stainless Steel – $0.25 per pound

    As you can see, non-ferrous metals are the most profitable items to scrap!

    For updated scrap prices on ferrous and non-ferrous metals check out the current scrap prices from the iScrap App here.

    So, obviously, metals are the best things to scrap for money but there are also some other items that are worth scrapping!

    Let’s get straight to them.

    Car Batteries

    Sell batteries for cash

    If you have old car batteries lying around, you can drop them off at an Advanced Auto Parts store and get a $10 gift card!

    Now, you won’t get cash for this but a $10 gift card is better than nothing.

    Other than scrap metal, car batteries are one of the best items to scrap for money!

    Note that lithium-ion batteries are excluded and it is not available in South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida.


    scrapping old electronics for money

    One of the best items to scrap for money is old electronics that you will never touch again.

    If you have old electronics that are in working condition then I recommend trying to sell them on sites like Craigslist or eBay first.

    For old unusable electronics or if you just don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling the items then you can recycle the items for cash with a company like Decluttr.

    Decluttr will either resell your old electronics or recycle them and pass on the cash to you!

    All you have to do is send in your old electronics to Decluttr and they will take care of the rest. Don’t worry the shipping is free!

    Electronics are some of the best things to scrap for money since they quickly depreciate and go unused.

    Even though electronics can be scrapped for some money, it is best to take care of them so they have a longer life. I recommend checking out my computer maintenance plan to learn more.

    Now, there is a way to get more money scrapping items and it is completely free!

    Let’s get straight to it…

    Free Scrapping

    A really easy and effective way to scrap items completely free is to pick up scrap metal, electronics, or car batteries from people just trying to get rid of them.

    You can find these listings on places like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

    For example, on Craigslist, you can simply search for free scrap metal near you and you will see listings like this:

    free scrap metal from craigslist

    These are people just giving away their scrap metal for absolutely free and this means you can get money for scrap metal easily!

    Free things are some of the best items to scrap for money!

    Obviously, you will need a truck or van to pick up the scrap metal but it’s free for the taking so if you can do it, why not?

    Craigslist is also great to find free electronics (most likely old electronics) and car batteries for recycling, though these are a bit less common.

    Also, Facebook marketplace is a great place to look for these free items to scrap for money but from what I found, these listings are less common.

    This is the best way to get cash for scrap metal completely free!


    Here are some frequently asked questions about scrapping metal and other items for money with the best answers:

    Where Can I Take My Scrap Metal For Money?

    You can find local scrap shops in your area by doing a simple Google search or you can check out the iScrap App to find nearby places to take scrap metal for money.

    What Scrap Metal Pays The Most?

    High-quality copper is one of the highest paying scrap metals out there. It’s common enough to find scraps of it and it is a highly sought-after metal.

    What Are The Best Items For Scrap Metal?

    The best items for scrap metal are old appliances or machinery. While they don’t pay as much as other types of metal, they are easy to come by and they allow you to turn your junk into cash. If you are hunting for the best metals to scrap then go for Brass or Copper.

    How Much Money Can You Make Selling Scrap Metal?

    The amount of money you can make selling scrap metal depends on what kind of metal you are scrapping and how much metal you scrap but you can look to make anywhere from $10 – $150 a week.

    If you are scrapping ferrous metals then you will need a lot of weight to make decent money, you are looking at a price point of $50 per 1,000 pounds.

    Non-ferrous metal will fetch you more money but they are harder to come by. A good haul of non-ferrous metal can get you around $150.

    What Scrap Metal Can You Sell?

    You can sell pretty much any type of metal to scrap yards but a common list of scrap metal items you can sell are iron, steel, aluminum, copper, and brass.

    What Scrap Metal Is In A Washing Machine?

    Most washing machines are made of mostly stainless steel and aluminum. There can also be some copper located in the wiring and motor system.

    Can Anyone Scrap Metal?

    Yes, anyone can scrap metal. All you need to do is gather the scrap metal and take it to a scrap yard to trade it for cash.


    Of course, you won’t become a millionaire scrapping metals, electronics, and car batteries but if you are looking for some extra cash this can be a good side gig to make money this week!

    This post shows that there are things to scrap around the house to make some money and you can even find free scrap metal on sites like Craigslist to make even more money scrapping.

    If you are serious about making money scrapping and if you want to know what scrap metal is worth the most money at the time then I highly recommend getting the iScrap app where you will get real-time updates on scrap metal prices and where you can get cash for scrap metal.

    This app will show you the best places to take scrap metal for money.

    I frequently get asked the question if it is worth it to start scrapping metal for a living and the short answer I give is no. Is it possible? Yes, but scrapping metal is not a great money maker as it used to be.

    If you are looking to make some side incom1000e then definitely go for it but be sure to calculate your expenses such as gas for going around collecting scrap metal or renting a truck/van if necessary.

    Scrapping metal along with electronics and car batteries are great ways to make some extra money but I recommend pairing this up with other side hustles to really start stacking up your cash.

    If you have a car in working condition then I recommend checking out my post on 24 Ways To Make Money With Your Car or if you want to check out a unique way to make money, then head over to my post on How To Make 1000 Dollars Fast.

    Have you ever made money scrapping metals or any other items? What are some other items that are good to scrap and make money? Let me know in the comments below!

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      1. I want to make sure that I save my scrap metals to recycle. I didn’t know that you could recycle iron! It makes sense that you could use a magnet to determine if something is ferrous like that.

        1. Yes, simply using a magnet can help you separate non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals which can make a big difference in your wallet!

        2. Electronics such as old t.v’s & computers are NOT a good idea to pick up if you live in California. It’s called E-waste & you will have to PAY to get rid of it. We also pay a few when purchasing a new electronic device to help clean the E-waste from our landfills because it does not decompose & some things like laptop batteries are harmful to the environment when the plastics start to corrode.

          1. Thanks for the informational comment Lindsey, I really appreciate it. Yes, I’m sure some states have specific rules and laws when it comes to disposing of/getting rid of electronics especially ones that have batteries. I checked with Decluttr and they don’t seem to have any different rules for California residents. They will send you boxes to pack your electronics to be shipped to them for free and they will pay you the next day. I recommend checking with Decluttr. Have a great day!

          1. Hello Donna, thanks for reading! If you live in the U.S then yes, the IRS requires you to report any income you make to pay taxes, this includes money from scrapping. I’m not sure about other countries but in the U.S it is required by law to report your income.

      2. I like how you mention that cars can be recycled and the metals that you would get from it can be sold for extra money. There’s actually a lot of metals that can be salvaged from a scrapped car–all you would need to do is to make note of which metals are ferrous-based (iron) and non-ferrous (non-iron metals like aluminum and copper) so that you can keep track of the profits you would be bringing in. If I had enough scrap metal from a car, then I would make sure to get enough and when I sell it, I would have some extra cash-on-hand after the sale.

        1. That’s right Adrian! Scrapping an old car can bring in a good amount of cash and it’s important to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals to get even more money for scrapping. Thanks for reading!

      3. I appreciate that you mentioned that it’s smart to scrap non-ferrous metals. My father-in-law has a bunch of old cars just sitting on his lawn. I will have to talk to him about trading them in as scrap metal so that he can get rid of them and maybe make some money too.

      4. That’s good to know that stainless steel is such a great metal to scrap for money. My friend really likes to collect scrap metal in her spare time. She’ll have to make sure to find a good recycling company she can take it to.

      5. I’m glad you mentioned that most scrap yards will accept appliances because they’re usually made with ferrous metals. My husband and I want to start shopping for new appliances sometime next week. Thanks for sharing this article and letting me know that we should find a drop-off metal recycling service to sell the old ones to!

      6. Thanks for explaining that almost anything magnetic can be scrapped because I have a lot of old things I don’t want or need. I even have more than one bike just rotting away in my garage! I’ve tried to sell it but I’m impatient and nobody wanted it. Now, I’ll just try to sell it for scrap! I bet it’ll be a lot better this time.

        1. That’s great Tori! Yes, you should definitely try to sell things before scrapping them because you can get more money by selling the items but some things are just junk and can’t be sold, so scrapping is a great way to turn that junk into cash. Thanks for reading Tori!

      7. My uncle bought a shop that has a lot of appliances, and he doesn’t know what to do with them. It was awesome you declared that some scrap yards will accept appliances because they’re made with ferrous metals. He will thankful to know that he can recycle them and earn some cash.

        1. Yes! Old appliances are some of the best scrap metal items to make some extra cash easily. Either scrap them or they end up in the trash, so why not make some extra money? Thanks for reading Ron!

      8. I found it interesting when you explained that most household appliances are made out of ferrous materials and can be scrapped. My wife and I want to replace our old air conditioner soon and we weren’t sure what we were going to do with the old one. It seems like we would be able to dispose of the old one at a scrapyard.

        1. Yes! You should definitely consider scrapping old appliances for some extra cash instead of just throwing it away. Thanks for reading Thomas!

      9. Hello, I appreciate your effort in writing such a detailed content. People are using old cars and spending money on the fixing and maintenance of the old junk car. If you’re in that condition, or maybe you have an old junk car, SUV, or truck that doesn’t run any longer. Your post covers each and every aspect or essential topics require for it. Love to read it. There are many ways to get rid of old cars. Your content is amazing. Please share more stuff regarding scrap price for cars with us. Thanks for the share

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      11. I was thinking about getting a scrap metal pick up service. It might be useful to know that avoiding services with bad reputations is important. My sister might like knowing this as she looks for a place that will want her back as a repeat customer.

      12. Recycling scrap metal will not only generate revenue but also will be contributing to the environment. So, do not throw away the household scrap, but recycle it to help the environment and produce something new out of it.

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