Sell Board Games for Cash Easily (Declutter & Earn)

Are you ready to turn your board game collection into cold hard cash? Selling board games online can be an excellent way to make extra money while finding new homes for your beloved games.

It doesn’t make sense to leave your old board games collecting dust in the back of the closet. Learn how to make some extra money from them!


With so many platforms and marketplaces available, where should you start? Are there any hidden gems that can help you maximize your profits?

Let’s dig into the best places to sell board games online to make money easily…

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    Key Takeaways

    • There are a variety of platforms and marketplaces where you can sell your board games online, ranging from well-known marketplaces like eBay to specialized buyers like BoardGameGeek.
    • Ecwid is a hassle-free platform that allows you to seamlessly integrate across major sales channels and transform your social media presence into a sales powerhouse.
    • eBay provides a broad reach and control over your listings, but it’s important to navigate commission fees to maximize your profits.
    • OfferUp offers a flexible venue for local board game sales, while Craigslist allows you to sell board games locally without any commission fees.
    • BoardGameGeek is a dedicated marketplace for board game enthusiasts, while r/BoardGameExchange on Reddit provides a community-driven platform for selling, trading, and bartering board games.
    • Local board game shops, flea markets, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Groups, 5miles, and Mercari are also viable options for selling your board games.

    Using Ecwid To Sell Board Games

    Ecwid Logo

    One of the best platforms to sell board games online is Ecwid!

    What sets Ecwid apart is its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with major sales channels like Google Shopping, Amazon, and eBay. This allows you to reach a larger customer base and increase your chances of making sales.

    Whether you’re a seasoned seller or just starting out, Ecwid provides a straightforward way to set up your online store for selling board games!

    With Ecwid, you can create a professional-looking online store in just a few simple steps. The platform offers customizable design options, so you can tailor your store to match your branding and showcase your board games in the best light. You can add product descriptions, high-quality images, and even videos to give potential buyers a clear idea of their purchase.

    As mentioned, you can connect your Ecwid store to Google Shopping, Amazon, and eBay. This means that your board games will be listed on these popular marketplaces, exposing them to a broader audience and increasing your chances of making sales.

    When you make a sale through any of the integrated sales channels, Ecwid automatically syncs your inventory across all platforms. This helps you avoid overselling and ensures that your customers always have access to accurate product availability.


    Ecwid’s built-in shipping and fulfillment options allow you to easily manage and track orders from multiple sales channels in one place.

    Also, with Ecwid’s social media integration, you can turn your social media presence into a sales powerhouse!

    Ecwid allows you to easily add a shopping tab to your Facebook page, Instagram profile, and even your TikTok and Snapchat accounts. This means that your followers and fans can browse and purchase your board games directly from your social media profiles without leaving the platform.

    The convenience of this seamless shopping experience can significantly increase your conversion rates and boost your sales.

    In addition to social media integration, Ecwid provides tools and features that can help you leverage the power of social networks to promote your board games.

    You can add social sharing buttons to your product pages, allowing customers to share your products with friends and followers. This word-of-mouth promotion can significantly expand the reach of your board game sales.


    Ecwid is a super powerful platform, and while it’s not a platform dedicated to board games, it’s a great place to list your board games to sell. They have a free plan with many tools to help you get started, so check it out today!

    eBay: A Trusted Platform for Online Board Game Selling

    ebay logo

    Of course, we can’t talk about selling items online without mentioning the good old eBay.

    It is a well-established online marketplace that offers a broad reach for selling board games. With millions of visitors each month, eBay provides the opportunity to reach a large customer base.

    Whether you have popular, designer, or vintage board games, eBay allows you to connect with potential buyers nationwide. By listing your board games on eBay, you can showcase them to a diverse audience and increase your chances of making sales.

    As a seller on eBay, you have control over your listings and the freedom to set your own prices. This allows you to maximize your profits and ensure you receive fair value for your board games!


    It’s essential to navigate the commission fees imposed by eBay. eBay charges a commission fee of 13.25% + $0.30 per order on sales, which should be factored into your pricing strategy.

    The eBay fees are pretty high, much higher than other platforms, but you are paying for the reach they provide so you can sell your board games fast.

    Just remember to add the commission fees to your listing prices, and you can establish a balance that maximizes your profits while remaining competitive in the online marketplace.

    If you’re not having luck with any other platforms mentioned, eBay is a great platform to consider for selling your board games online!

    OfferUp: A Flexible Venue for Board Game Sales

    OfferUp logo

    OfferUp offers a flexible and convenient online marketplace for selling your board games. Whether you prefer to sell locally or ship your games to buyers, OfferUp provides a platform that caters to your selling needs.

    With OfferUp, you can list your board games for sale and connect with potential buyers in your area. This makes it a great choice if you want to sell your games within your community and avoid the hassles of shipping.

    Listing your items on OfferUp is free, allowing you to showcase your board game collection to interested buyers easily.


    It’s important to note that there is a service fee for shipping. This fee is a minimum of $1.99 or 12.9% of the sale price, ensuring a fair and transparent process.

    OfferUp’s focus on local buying and selling means you have the opportunity to connect with buyers who are located nearby. This can make the transaction process smoother and faster, as you can arrange in-person pickups or deliveries within your local area.

    So, if you’re looking for a flexible and user-friendly platform to sell your board games, OfferUp is a great choice!

    BoardGameGeek: The Ultimate Board Game Enthusiast’s Marketplace

    BoardGameGeek Logo

    If you’re a board game enthusiast looking to sell your beloved games, BoardGameGeek is your ultimate marketplace!

    This popular online forum and marketplace is home to a vibrant community of passionate board game enthusiasts actively searching for games to buy.

    When selling your board games on BoardGameGeek, you’ll be able to choose from diverse payment options. Whether you prefer PayPal or bank transfer, BoardGameGeek offers these flexible payment methods to cater to your needs.

    This gives you greater control over how you receive your earnings from your board game sales.

    It is essential to understand the commission model on BoardGameGeek. The platform charges a 3% commission on sales, which is a small fee considering the targeted audience of board game enthusiasts you’ll be reaching.

    With its emphasis on the board game community and diverse payment options, BoardGameGeek provides an excellent platform for connecting with like-minded buyers and selling your board games.

    So, join the community and start listing your games for sale today!

    Turn Local Sales Into Cash with Craigslist for Board Games

    Craigslist Logo

    Craigslist is the perfect platform for you if you want to sell board games locally and keep 100% of your profits!

    As a classifieds marketplace, Craigslist allows you to list your board games for sale in your local area, allowing you to connect with buyers nearby.

    One advantage of Craigslist is that it’s free to list your items for sale. Whether you have popular board games, vintage classics, or unique designer games, posting your listing won’t cost you a dime.

    This means you can reach potential buyers without any upfront fees!

    Unlike some other platforms, Craigslist doesn’t charge any commission fees on your sales. Every dollar you make from selling your board games goes directly into your pocket. It’s an excellent option for maximizing your profits and getting the most out of your board game sales!


    When using Craigslist, it’s important to exercise caution when dealing with potential buyers. Follow best practices for safe transactions, such as meeting in a public place, bringing a friend along, and only accepting cash payments.

    You can have a smooth and successful selling experience on Craigslist by prioritizing your safety and taking the necessary precautions.

    So, if you want to turn your local sales into cash and keep all the profits, give Craigslist a try!

    Sell Used Board Games to Noble Knight Games

    Noble Knight Games

    Noble Knight Games provides a platform where you can sell used board games and turn them into cash or store credit.

    When selling your board games to Noble Knight Games, you can receive a quote for both cash and store credit offers.

    This allows you to choose the option that best suits your needs. You can compare the offers to determine whether you want immediate cash or prefer to trade your games for store credit.

    One of the great features of selling your used board games to Noble Knight Games is the game evaluation service they offer!

    When you submit your games, experts at Noble Knight Games will assess the value and condition of your board games. This evaluation can help you understand the potential worth of your board game collection and ensure that you are getting a fair offer.

    With the expertise of Noble Knight Games’ evaluators, you can have confidence in the value of your used board games.

    I highly recommend checking out Noble Knight Games if you want a super easy way to make some extra cash from your old board games!

    r/BoardGameExchange: Reddit’s Marketplace for Board Game Enthusiasts

    Reddit Logo

    r/BoardGameExchange is the go-to subreddit for board game enthusiasts looking to buy, sell, trade, and barter for their favorite games.

    As a seller on this Reddit marketplace, you have the advantage of setting your own prices and maintaining control over your listings. It’s a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for board games and are eager to connect with fellow enthusiasts.

    When participating in r/BoardGameExchange, it’s important to engage with the community and follow their guidelines for posting and transaction processes.

    This ensures a positive experience for both buyers and sellers and helps maintain the integrity of the marketplace. Whether you’re looking to sell off a few games to make space for new additions to your collection or seeking rare gems to add to your shelf, r/BoardGameExchange can be a treasure trove of opportunities.

    By leveraging the power of Reddit’s community, you can potentially find buyers specifically interested in the games you offer.

    This targeted audience increases the likelihood of successful transactions and fosters valuable connections with game enthusiasts worldwide. So, why not join r/BoardGameExchange and explore the possibilities waiting for you?

    Connecting with Local Buyers Through Board Game Shops

    Shop with Open sign hanging on the door

    Don’t overlook the power of local board game shops when selling your board games!

    These shops can be a fantastic option for connecting with local buyers who share your passion for gaming. While specialized buyers may offer higher prices, selling directly to local buyers through board game shops can quickly and conveniently turn your board game collection into cash.

    To get started, search for board game shops in your area and determine if they want to purchase board game collections.

    Some shops may have specific buying policies or criteria, so it’s important to inquire and understand their requirements. While the offers from stores may be lower compared to specialized buyers, you can benefit from the ease and speed of the transaction.

    By selling to board game shops, you support local businesses and contribute to the gaming community. Your beloved board games will find new homes and be enjoyed by other gaming enthusiasts in your area.

    So why not visit your nearest board game shop and see if they want to buy your collection?

    Cashing in at Flea Markets: A Quick-Sell Option

    Flea Market

    Flea markets can be your ticket to quick cash for selling your board games!

    These bustling marketplaces attract customers who prefer the personal touch of in-person shopping. Setting up a booth or table at a flea market allows you to tap into this eager market and potentially make cash on the spot.

    While there may be a rental fee to secure your space, the direct sale nature of flea markets means you can avoid the hassle of online transactions and enjoy immediate returns.

    To make a splash at the flea market, pricing your games competitively and showcasing them attractively is essential. Catch the eye of potential buyers with a well-designed and eye-catching display.

    Flea markets offer a fun and profitable way to sell your board games locally. So, gather up your collection, pack them up, and get ready to cash in on the excitement of flea market selling!

    Raking in Profits on Facebook Marketplace

    Facebook Marketplace

    Facebook Marketplace provides a platform for selling board games within your local network. With millions of users, Facebook offers a massive potential audience for your board game sales.

    You can leverage your existing network and reach out to local buyers who may be interested in your collection!

    Facebook Marketplace allows you to tap into the power of your local network when selling board games. By listing your games on Facebook Marketplace, you can connect with potential buyers in your area who may be interested in purchasing your board game collection.

    Whether you’re looking to sell to fellow enthusiasts or casual gamers, Facebook Marketplace provides a convenient and accessible platform to reach a broad local audience.

    When listing items for sale on Facebook Marketplace, the basic listing is generally free of charge. However, it’s important to be aware that there may be selling fees associated with certain features and services on the platform.

    These fees can vary depending on the specific options you choose, such as promoting your listings or using additional marketplace features to boost your visibility.

    It’s crucial to understand the fee structure and factor it into your pricing decisions to ensure a profitable selling experience on Facebook Marketplace.

    Also, Facebook Marketplace has the option for local selling as Craigslist does, so make sure you practice safety if you are meeting anyone locally to sell your board games.

    Use Facebook Groups To Sell Items

    Facebook Groups

    Other than Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Groups focused on board games can be a fantastic option!

    Numerous groups are dedicated to board game enthusiasts where you can list your games for sale. These groups provide a unique opportunity to connect with a targeted audience that shares your passion for board games.

    These groups are similar to r/BoardGameExchange, where you will join a community of board game lovers where you can sell your board games easily!

    When selling in Facebook Groups, it’s important to follow the group’s guidelines for posting and engaging with potential buyers in a respectful and informative manner.

    Be witty in your descriptions and interact with the community to pique interest in your games. Remember, the key is to stand out and capture the attention of board game enthusiasts actively seeking new additions to their collections.

    5miles: Showcase Your Board Game Collection for Local Buyers

    5Miles Logo

    5miles is an online marketplace that provides the perfect platform to showcase and sell your board game collection to local buyers.

    Whether you prefer to sell your games in person or ship them, 5miles offers a convenient way to list your items and connect with potential buyers.

    One of the great advantages of 5miles is that it allows you to list your items for free and set your own prices to maximize your profits.

    By showcasing your collection on 5miles, you can attract local buyers who are specifically looking for board games in your community.

    With 5miles, you can easily facilitate transactions and communicate with potential buyers directly through the platform. This ensures a seamless selling experience, allowing you to comfortably negotiate prices and arrange pickups or shipping, depending on the buyer’s preferences.

    If you prefer to sell your board games locally and connect with buyers in your community, 5miles is a fantastic option that offers convenience and exposure to interested local buyers.

    Start showcasing your board game collection today on 5miles and turn your games into cash!


    Mercari Logo

    Mercari is a fantastic online marketplace that can be used to sell board games and a wide range of other items!

    With Mercari, you can list your board games and connect with potential buyers nationwide. The platform provides a straightforward listing process that allows you to showcase your board games and set your own prices.

    When selling on Mercari, it’s important to consider factors like shipping costs and fees associated with the platform. Understanding these policies and pricing structures allows you to optimize your board game sales and ensure a smooth selling experience.

    With Mercari’s user-friendly interface and extensive reach, you can reach a diverse audience of board game enthusiasts and collectors.

    So why wait? Start selling your board games on Mercari today, and turn your collection into cash!


    Now you know the best platforms to sell board games online and locally!

    Selling your old board games most likely won’t make you rich, but you can make some extra cash easily by selling those board games that are collecting dust.

    With a wide range of selling platforms and marketplaces available, you can connect with buyers locally and nationwide.

    When venturing into online selling, it is crucial to conduct thorough research on each platform, familiarize yourself with their policies and fee structures, and price your board games competitively. Doing so can maximize your profits and increase the chances of finding new homes for your beloved board games.

    Remember, whether you sell to dedicated enthusiasts, local buyers, or a broader online audience, having a well-executed selling strategy is essential.

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    Do you have you ever used any of these platforms to sell board games? Do you have any other platforms to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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