How To Get Free Stocks Right Now (9 Best Ways)

You’re here because you want to know how to get free stocks, right? Want to earn free stocks right now?

Well, I’m assuming so, and you definitely will not be disappointed with this post!

But first…

Why would someone want free stocks instead of free cash?

Well, think about it like this…

If I give you $5 then you have $5, but if you are rewarded a $5 stock, then that stock can increase in value, which you can then sell at a higher price!

I highly recommend investing in stocks regardless of getting them for free or not, because it is one of the best ways to increase your net worth.

Now, let’s jump straight into it…

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    Getting Free Stocks (Easy Ways)

    There are a lot of ways to get free stocks but there are only a few ways to get stocks for free easily!


    All of these methods on this list work, I wouldn’t have added them to the list if they didn’t but I’m going to be straight with you and tell you that some platforms are better than others when it comes to getting free stocks.

    You might have heard of some of these platforms before but if you are not using them then I highly recommend doing so now because deals to get free stocks don’t last very long!

    Here are 3 investing platforms I recommend you use right now to get free stocks…


    Webull is a great investing platform that lets you invest in stocks for free! Plus, when you sign up to Webull with my link you will get two free stocks.


    A very well-known investing platform is Robinhood where you can buy and sell stocks for absolutely free. They are perfect for beginners looking to get started with investing in stocks and they offer a free stock for simply signing up with my link.

    M1 Finance

    Another great investing platform that also lets you invest commission-free is M1 Finance. The awesome thing about M1 Finance is that they have innovative technology that makes investing a breeze. Plus, you will get $10 for free if you sign up with my link. You can use the $10 to start investing commission-free on M1 Finance.

    These are all great platforms to invest in the stock market! Plus, with all giving free stocks, they are great for all types of investors.

    You will also get a referral link from each of these platforms that you can use to invite friends and family to earn even more free stocks!

    Now let’s dig into the 9 ways on how to get free stocks (with some bonuses)

    Use Webull For Free Stocks

    sign up to Webull to get two free stocks

    If you want to know how to get free stocks right now then you have to check out Webull.

    Webull is an awesome stockbroker that allows you to invest in the stock market easily!

    Plus get this…

    It’s absolutely free to make trades on Webull, that’s right, you pay no commissions at all!

    They have an easy-to-use website and a user-friendly app so you can invest in stocks without any hassle or learning curve.

    Even though Webull is easy to use, they still have great stock analysis tools available to you!

    I highly recommend signing up to Webull because it is free to sign up to, free to use and you’ll get two free stocks just for signing up with my link.

    Get free stocks on Webull

    And get this…

    You will get access to Webull’s referral program where you can get a free stock for each person you invite to Webull.

    This means you can get a lot of free stocks!

    Webull states that you can get stocks ranging from $12 to $1,400!

    You really don’t have anything to lose by using Webull so claim your free stock now and then start referring people to Webull to get more free stocks.

    Another awesome feature that Webull offers is its points system where you get to paper trade.

    I know it’s not real money but you get to practice stock investing without losing your money.

    Webull is available to U.S, Chinese, and Indian citizens and you will get to invest in stocks for free. I highly recommend checking it out.

    Super Money Tip: Even if you don’t want to use Webull to invest and rather use another platform you should still sign up to earn free stocks.

    It’s an amazing deal that you shouldn’t miss out on and with a limited time you better hop on this deal fast!

    Check Out Robinhood

    invest in stocks for free on Robinhood

    When people ask me “how to get free stocks easily?” My answer is usually to use Robinhood.

    This is not only because Robinhood will give you a free stock for simply signing up to their platform, but it’s also because Robinhood is one of the best investing platforms for beginners!

    Robinhood makes investing really easy and they take out all the confusion that comes with investing.

    With that said…

    Robinhood doesn’t have all the stock analysis tools that other platforms have so this might be frustrating for more experienced investors.

    Experienced investors might find Webull better to use since they offer better tools than Robinhood.


    Robinhood is free to use and you will get a free stock for simply signing up so I highly recommend getting in on this deal.

    example of free stock on Robinhood

    It’s one of the best ways I can give you on how to get free stocks right now!

    With Robinhood, you can invest in individual stocks, REIT’s and ETF’s commission-free.

    It’s a great way to get started investing in the stock market.

    Super Money Tip: Robinhood lets you invest in stocks, ETF’s and REITs for free which makes it a great platform to invest your money!

    Plus, with Robinhood being free to sign up to and providing a free stock for signing up you really have nothing to lose!

    Use Stockpile To Gift Stocks

    Use Stockpile to get stocks as gifts

    An interesting way to get free stocks is to use Stockpile.

    While stockpile isn’t the best investing app to use, they offer a really cool feature…

    This feature is receiving stocks as gifts!

    That’s right! Stockpile allows people to gift you stocks.

    This is awesome because there are many times when you get gifts that you don’t want so why not get stocks instead?

    It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

    All you need to do is sign up for your free stockpile account here.


    You can even get gifted Bitcoin on Stockpile!

    The downside to using stockpile to get free stocks is that the person gifting you stocks will also need a Stockpile account.

    The good thing about Stockpile is that it allows people to gift you fractional shares. This means that people can give you a fraction of a stock instead of a whole one.

    Of course, you would want a whole stock over a piece but some stocks are pricey and people might not be able to afford to gift you a whole stock.

    Listen, a piece of a free stock is better than no free stock!

    The reason I state that Stockpile isn’t the best investing platform is that they charge a fee to buy and sell stocks as well as ETFs.

    Now, the fee is only $0.99 per trade but this can add up quickly, and with services that offer free trades like Robinhood and Webull why even bother paying commissions?!

    If you are tired of getting gifts you don’t use then I recommend signing up for Stockpile and letting people know you want stocks as gifts!

    As I said before, stocks are the gift that keeps on giving, so sign up to Stockpile, it’s free why not!

    Super Money Tip: On special occasions like your birthday or Christmas, request that family members and friends give you stocks via Stockpile instead of gifts you don’t want.

    It’s one of the best ways to earn free stocks and get started in the stock market at a young age!

    M1 Finance

    Invest in stocks for free on M1 Finance

    Another awesome investing platform that allows you to get free stocks easily is M1 Finance.

    M1 Finance allows you to invest in stocks, ETFs, REITs, etc… without paying any commissions, just like Robinhood and Webull.

    The great thing about M1 Finance is that they use innovative technology to make investing in the stock market as effortless and simple as possible.

    This means that M1 Finance is great for beginners who aren’t sure how to invest their money but are ready to try.

    M1 Finance has a free version that pretty much gives you access to everything you need to start investing as well as a free checking account!

    They also have a paid version that costs $125 a year and it gives you access to an interest rate checking account, cashback in purchases, and a few other perks.

    The paid account might be worth it for some people but I recommend sticking with the free version for now.

    I know… I know… You want to know how to get free stocks on M1 Finance right?

    Well, here it is…

    When you sign up to M1 Finance with my referral link you will get $10 for just signing up!

    You can then use this $10 to invest in free stocks!

    Once you fund your M1 account you will earn $10 plus you will unlock the M1 Finance referral program to invite friends to make even more money.

    For each friend you invite to M1 finance you will get $10 which you can keep as cash or use to buy stocks.

    Super Money Tip: M1 Finance is one of the best investing platforms that will let you invest in stocks for absolutely free and you also get $10 for signing up!

    It’s a great way to invest in the stock market passively and it’s free to sign up to, what stoppping you?!

    Use Acorns For Passive Investing

    Use Acorns to invest in the stock market easily

    If you want to know how to get free stocks for beginner investors then you need to check out acorns.

    Acorns is one of the best investing platforms for beginners due to how easy they make it to invest in the stock market.

    What makes Acorns a great investing platform is its round-up feature which essentially rounds up your daily purchases and invests the difference in the stock market.

    This makes investing super easy and passive!


    When you sign up to acorns with my link you’ll get $5 for free!

    Now for the way to get free stocks on Acorns…

    On Acorns, there is a feature called found money where companies will invest a set amount or a certain percentage in your Acorns account for simply purchasing items at their store.

    Yes, you read that right! Companies will essentially invest money into your Acorns account for purchasing their products!

    This is honestly an amazing way to get free stocks!

    Acorns is partnered with over 300 stores with some big brands like Nike, Walmart, Macy’s, Groupon, etc…

    The way it works is like this…

    You first sign up for an Acorns account and then you link the debit cards and credit cards you use to shop with to Acorns.

    Now, just shop like you normally would and if you shop at a brand that’s partnered with Acorns they will invest some money into your Acorns account!

    This is great and using Acorns’ found money feature along with the round-up investing feature you will eventually have a lot of stocks in your portfolio.

    Super Money Tip: Acorns is a great investing platform that lets you invest in the stock market with spare change!

    If you aren’t quite ready to jump into the stock market, Acorns’ round-up feature and found money feature where you will invest money that you won’t even miss! Plus, you get $5 for simply signing up.

    Check Out Stash Invest

    Get stocks for shopping on Stash

    An awesome app like Robinhood that allows you to invest in the stock market easily is Stash.

    Stash is an investing platform where you can invest in the stock market passively and also have access to educational content on investing!


    Stash does not have a free version of its service. The cheapest plan Stash offers costs $1 per month, which isn’t bad at all but with free platforms like Robinhood and Webull it makes you wonder if it’s even worth it.

    They also have a plan that costs $3 a month and one that costs $9 a month. The great thing about all plans is that you will have access to a free checking account and you will have access to Stash’s Stock-Back feature.

    What is this Stock-Back feature I speak of?

    Well to understand Stock-Back you have to understand what cash-back is.

    Cash-back is simply money you get back for shopping at places through a platform. Simple right?!

    For example, Rakuten is a popular cash-back service and when you shop through their platform you’ll get cash-back.

    So, let’s say you want to shop at Walmart and you see that Rakuten offers 3% cash-back for Walmart purchases. Just shop at Walmart through Rakuten and you will get 3% of your Walmart bill added to your Rakuten account.

    Best of all it’s completely free to use!

    There are also cashback credit cards that you can use to get cashback automatically, which brings me back to Stash.

    So, the Stock-Back feature from Stash is an awesome feature that allows you to earn stocks for free!

    All you have to do is shop like you normally would but use the Stash debit card for your purchases and you’ll start to earn stocks for your purchases!

    Stash states that you will earn 0.125% Stock-Back on all of your purchases and up to 5% at certain partnered brands.

    For partnered brands you will earn free stocks for the brand you shopped at but for other purchases, you will get rewarded a diversified fund of stocks.

    So, if you were wondering how to get free stocks easily then you need to check out Stash’s Stock-Back program.

    With Stash, you can simply shop like you normally would and earn free stocks!

    Super Money Tip: Use Stash’s Stock-Back program along with Acorns’ found-money feature to increase your chances of earning free stocks.

    Both platforms work with different retailers so by using both you are increasing your chances of getting stocks for free!

    iConsumer Free Shares

    Get shares of iConsumer for shopping online

    Speaking of shopping and earning stocks, another service like Stash is iConsumer.

    iConsumer is a cashback platform like Rakuten and Dosh but instead of cash, you’ll get free stocks!

    Plus, when you sign up to iConsumer with my link you’ll get 500 shares of iConsumer stock when you make your first qualifying purchase through iConsumer.

    Then as you continue to make purchases to iConsumer you will earn more shares of iConsumer stock which goes by the ticker of RWRDP.


    The downside to using iConsumer is that you can only get their stock for free not any other companies and their stock is not worth that much.

    At this time a share of RWRDP goes for $0.14 but hey free shares of a company’s stock are nothing to just skip over.

    Plus, 500 shares of RWRDP are still equal to around $70 which is a great amount of money for just signing up.

    Now, of course, you won’t have a diverse portfolio of stocks by just using iConsumer but you can pair this up with another platform like Robinhood or Webull to get many different free stocks!

    You can always sell the shares of RWRDP as you get them to get cash but you do have to wait until you have 2,500 shares to cash out!

    Super Money Tip: I recommend signing up to iConsumer for free and claiming your 500 free shares right now! This is equal to around $70 which is an awesome sign up bonus.

    Then just use the convenient iConsumer browser extension to activate offers at your favorite stores. You’ll get rewarded for shopping for things you were already going to purchase!

    NVSTR Investing

    Use NVSTR to make investing easy

    If you want to know how to get free stocks easily and invest with a minimal amount of effort then NVSTR might be the platform for you.

    What makes NVSTR cool is that they have Nobel prize-winning portfolio allocation technology that will make investing super easy!

    I know those were super technical terms so, in other words, NVSTR uses technology to build a portfolio that is right for you based on math and science.

    NVSTR is designed to get you the best return on your investment without taking too much risk!

    Now for the way you can get free stocks on NVSTR… Well, actually free money…

    When you sign up to NVSTR you will get a free cash bonus of up to $1,000!

    You will need to make a trade on NVSTR within two months to get the bonus and you cannot withdraw the bonus for 12 months.

    It definitely is a long time to wait for your bonus but this bonus can be invested using NVSTR’s technology to let your money grow over time!

    There are no monthly fees for accounts with $5,000 or more invested but for accounts less than $5,000 there is a $2 monthly fee for using NVSTR.

    You get a certain number of free trades a month but if you exceed this limit you will have to pay $4.50 per trade.

    Trading on NVSTR can get pricey so I recommend staying within the monthly free trade limit so you don’t have to pay to invest your money.

    NVSTR is a great platform for passive investors due to their award-winning technology and they offer an awesome sign-up bonus!

    Super Money Tip: NVSTR is a great platform if you are looking to be a long-term investor and with the free cash sign-up bonus you have even more of a reason to use NVSTR.

    Plus, when you create your account with NVSTR you will get your own referral link that you can use to invite friends which will get you a free cash bonus for every friend you invite up to $1,000!

    TD Ameritrade

    Get a sign up bonus with TD Ameritrade

    A well-known investing platform is TD Ameritrade and they have a referral program that you can use to get free cash from simply referring friends.


    TD Ameritrade has a few rules for its referral program:

    You will get $50 for every qualified referral but you can only invite 10 people a day with a total of 50 people a month, which is not bad at all because this is still $2,500 a month you can make!


    To qualify for this referral bonus, the person you invite will have to deposit $3,000 within 90-days but they will get $1,000 for free for doing this!

    So, yes, there are some catches but there are incentives on both ends so it’s definitely worth it!

    You won’t be given free stocks but by getting free cash you can invest it and let it grow over time!

    This is definitely not the best option for beginners but it is worth a mention on the list.

    For beginners, I recommend going for a platform that offers free stocks with a lower barrier of entry like Robinhood or Webull.


    We went over the best ways on how to get free stocks right now but here is one way to get free stocks easily!

    Plus you’ll learn about one way to get free Bitcoin!

    DRIP – Dividend Reinvestment Plan

    An interesting strategy to get “free stocks” is to use a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP).

    The reason for the quotes around free stocks above is because with a dividend reinvestment plan you have to invest your own money in dividend stocks which will pay out dividends that you can reinvest to essentially get free stocks.

    That sentence might have been a bit confusing so let’s break it down into simpler terms.

    Well, a dividend stock is simply a stock that pays out dividends, easy enough right? Well, what are dividends?

    According to Investopedia, the definition for a dividend is a reward that is paid out to shareholders of the company’s stock from the company’s earnings.

    So, dividend stocks pay you to simply invest in and hold onto shares of their company!

    Dividends are paid out quarterly so you will get paid 4 times a year.

    You can either take your dividend payouts in cash or you can choose to reinvest the dividends (hence the DRIP strategy).

    By choosing to reinvest your dividends in the company’s stock, you will start to acquire more shares of the company, which will then get you a higher dividend payout so you can reinvest more, and… you get the point right?

    It’s a great strategy to get free stocks as you keep investing in stocks. Just make sure you are investing in companies you believe in!

    Also, don’t invest in certain stocks just because they have the highest yields, this is known as a dividend trap and you definitely don’t want to fall for this.

    Make sure you do your research in the companies you are investing in before you throw money at them.

    If you choose the right companies to invest in the DRIP strategy can be very powerful and you’ll get free stocks easily!

    Coinbase For Free Cryptocurrencies

    Invest in Cryptocurrencies easily on Coinbase

    I know this isn’t a way on how to get free stocks but if you want to dabble in cryptocurrency then Coinbase is one of the best platforms to use!

    Coinbase is super easy to use and it has a user-friendly interface which makes it perfect for beginners.

    They are available in over 100 countries and they have several cryptocurrencies to invest in.

    Best of all…

    When you sign up to Coinbase with my link and invest $100 in any cryptocurrency, you will get $10 worth of Bitcoin for free!

    Get free Bitcoin on Coinbase

    Plus, you’ll get your own unique referral link to share with friends and when they sign up with your link you both will get $10 of Bitcoin for free!

    Nobody really knows where cryptocurrency is going but it is definitely an exciting technology so why not dip your toes in something that might take the world by storm?

    Check out Coinbase and see if you would like to start investing in crypto!


    Here are some frequently asked questions about investing in the stock market and getting free stocks.

    What Is The Best Way To Get Free Stocks Easily?

    As of writing this, the easiest way to get free stocks is to use Robinhood and Webull. Both platforms will give you a free stock for simply signing up and then you can invite friends to earn more free stocks!

    Why Do Companies Give Away Free Stocks?

    Companies like Robinhood give away free stocks as an incentive for people to sign up and use their service. They use free stocks as a loss-leader, which means they are willing to lose some money initially with the hopes that you will continue to use their service and eventually pay them later on.

    What Are Some Companies Giving Away Free Stocks?

    Some examples of companies giving away free stocks right now are Robinhood, Webull, and Stash. Robinhood and Webull offer a free stock for signing up plus the option to earn more free stocks by inviting friends to the platform. Stash offers free stock through its Stock-Back program.

    How Many Free Stocks Can You Get On Robinhood?

    Robinhood states that you can earn $500 in free stocks per year through their referral program. This means that each year you can potentially make $500 in free stocks from Robinhood alone.


    Now you know how to get free stocks in the 9 best ways available right now with some bonus methods!

    Investing is such an important part of your personal finance journey because you need to obtain assets to increase your net worth not just focus on saving money.

    And what better way to start investing than with these awesome investing platforms that give you free stocks or free cash bonuses that can be used to purchase stocks!

    Even if you are an experienced investor why wouldn’t you want some free stocks?! I recommend hopping on these deals while they last.

    I recommend starting with Robinhood and Webull first and then working your way to other investing platforms.

    Also, if you liked this post then I recommend checking out my post on the Top Investing Apps To Use Right Now and the Best Reason To Invest In Index Funds.

    Do you use any of these investing platforms? What is your favorite investing platform to use? Also, do you have any other ways to get free stocks? Let me know in the comments below!

    Are you ready to take control of your money? Check out these awesome money resources which will help you to make and save $1,000’s!

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