Pinecone Research Review: Is It Legitimate?

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In this Pinecone Research review, we will do a deep dive into Pinecone Research to see if you should use it to make money online.

If you’ve been looking for ways to make money online, I’m sure you’ve come across making some extra money with survey sites.

While survey sites won’t replace your job, they can provide some extra money quickly.

This article will help answer if Pinecone Research is legit and how you can make money with this free platform.

Using survey sites is a great way to make extra money online so let’s see if Pinecone Research is right for you…

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    What Is Pinecone Research?

    What Is Pinecone Research?

    Pinecone Research is a survey platform that is owned and operated by Nielsen.

    Nielsen is a vast market research company that focuses on data collection for large corporations.

    They do not collect your personal information or track your location; they just collect non-identifiable data.

    Nielsen was founded in 1923 and operates in over 100 countries; they also have an A+ from the BBB, which adds credibility to Pinecone Research.

    Pinecone Research is a top-rated and trustworthy survey platform that is perfect for those looking to make some extra money online from easy surveys.

    The goal of Pinecone Research is to simply collect data on various topics to provide to other businesses, and you will be rewarded for doing this.

    While certain demographical information is collected from you, it’s important to note that no personally identifiable information is collected! 

    It’s completely free to join, and each survey earns you a guaranteed $3, which is really good for one survey; it will take approximately 10 – 15 minutes to complete a survey.

    Is Pinecone Research Safe And Legit? 

    Is Pinecone Research Safe And Legit? 

    To answer whether Pinecone Research is a scam or legit, they are indeed 100% legit.

    We already covered how Pinecone Research is operated by Nielsen, a vast market research company with a reputation to maintain.

    Looking at user reviews for Pinecone Research, you will see many bad reviews, but this is primarily due to a few reasons: there are not enough surveys available, unable to join, and accounts being deactivated.

    While all of these reasons seem horrible (and they are), there are reasons for all of these, which we will go over soon.

    Pinecone Research is not like other survey sites that are open to anyone; they are picky who join their platform and do not take spammers lightly.

    So, some users think they are being “scammed” by Pinecone Research when they are unable to join or when accounts are deactivated, but Pinecone Research is just trying to get specific demographics, and they are deactivating accounts for people who answer surveys randomly.

    Pinecone Research is not a scam; they are entirely legit; it’s just they are more demanding than most other survey sites.

    Let’s continue this Pinecone Research review and get into who is eligible to sign-up…

    Who Can Sign Up For Pinecone Research?

    Who Can Sign Up For Pinecone Research?

    As mentioned earlier, Pinecone Research is an exclusive survey site that is very strict on who can join its platform.

    They are selective on what demographics can join at a time, so this means that if you can’t join the platform now, you might be able to later on.

    Firstly, Pinecone Research is only available to American, Canadian, British, and German users.

    To start the sign-up process, just sign up to Pinecone Research here.

    When you sign up for Pinecone Research, you will need to provide some basic contact information and demographical information such as your date of birth, email address, gender, education level, etc…

    Pinecone Research will then let you know if your application is approved or not.

    If you are not approved, just check back later to see if they will accept you or not.

    Other than your geographical location, there are no hard-set requirements to join Pinecone Research. It constantly changes, so just keep checking.

    A tip I can give you is that if you cannot sign up for Pinecone Research, I recommend using other survey sites in the meantime, such as Swagbucks or Survey Junkie.

    Now let’s get into the sign-up process…

    Signing Up For Pinecone Research

    Signing Up For Pinecone Research

    If you fit all Pinecone Research’s requirements, the great thing is that the registration is quick and free.

    You can sign up to Pinecone Research here and just fill out the registration form.

    As mentioned earlier, if registration is closed, just check back.

    Here are the quick steps to sign up for a Pinecone Research account:

    • Use this link to sign up for Pinecone Research.
    • Complete filling out the initial requirements for the setup.
    • After some time, you will receive an email to fill out some more information, so make sure that you complete this.
    • Surveys will now be sent directly to your email when you qualify based on your profile information.

    The sign-up process is a breeze, but you need to note that only one member per household can have an account.

    So, if someone in your home already has a Pinecone Research account, you will unfortunately not be able to join Pinecone Research.

    Now let’s see how Pinecone Research works…

    How Pinecone Research Works

    How Pinecone Research Works

    Now that you know what Pinecone Research is, the requirements needed, and how to sign up for an account, it’s time to see how it works.

    Once Pinecone Research approves your account, you will be sent surveys directly to your email, so keep an eye out for survey opportunities.

    Unfortunately, Pinecone Research is not like other survey platforms where you can pick and choose what surveys you want to take.

    You are sent a survey randomly to take, and if you miss it, you don’t earn anything.

    Plus, surveys are not sent frequently, so you have to hop onto the opportunity when you are sent a survey.

    Due to this, I recommend pairing up Pinecone Research with other survey platforms such as Swagbucks and Survey Junkie so you can earn money on these platforms while waiting for a survey from Pinecone Research.

    The surveys on Pinecone Research usually take 10 – 20 minutes to complete, which is a good chunk of time, but you will make $3 for every single survey!

    Payouts are instantaneous, which means you can cash out as soon as you finish one survey, but it’s important to note that your very first payment will be sent out as a check.

    This is done to verify the validity of your account. Once this is done, you don’t have to get paid via a check if not wanted.

    We’ll get into getting paid soon, so stick around…

    Pinecone Research also offers product testing for its members. So, you can receive new/unreleased products to test out, which is pretty cool!

    However, you can not sign up for product testing; Pinecone Research randomly offers this to members.

    Also, you might have to send the product back, but sometimes you do get to keep the product.

    To put a little more salt on the wound, you do not get paid to test products, but you will most likely get a follow-up survey about the product, which will earn you $3.

    Now let’s get into getting paid in this Pinecone Review…

    How To Make Money With Pinecone Research

    How To Make Money With Pinecone Research

    As you know by now, Pinecone Research pays its members by completing surveys.

    Their parent company, Nielsen, is looking to collect information from key demographic groups on various consumer goods and services.

    That’s your role, to share your opinion to help Nielsen generate that data for their clients.

    The only way to make money on Pinecone Research is to take surveys. As mentioned earlier, you aren’t paid to test products, but you will most likely get a follow-up survey to complete.

    Surveys take roughly 10 – 20 minutes to complete ($12 – $15 per hour).

    However, there are also sweepstakes that Pinecone Research offers to its members, but this isn’t a guaranteed way to make money.

    The prizes vary, and the sweepstakes are held randomly, but you will get a chance to win a pretty good cash prize.

    Now, let’s get into the Pinecone Research payment methods… 

    What Ways Can You Get Paid?

    What Ways Can You Get Paid?

    Pinecone pays out in points for completing surveys, but their point structure is straightforward, 300 points equals $3, and you will always get 300 points per survey. 

    After you’ve earned 300 points in your account, you’ll be able to cash out and get paid. 

    As mentioned earlier, there is no minimum payout, so you can withdraw when you like.

    However, remember we went over that the first payment has to be done via check, so keep an eye on your mailbox.

    Pinecone Research used to offer PayPal as a payment method, but unfortunately, they got rid of this option, so the only two options to get paid are via check or direct deposit.

    I recommend using the direct deposit method since it’s as good as PayPal, and it’s much faster than receiving a check.

    Getting paid via direct deposit takes 3 – 5 business days while getting a check takes 10 – 14 business days.

    It is important to note that your points expire after 12 months, so I highly recommend cashing out immediately so you can get your money.

    Let’s quickly list out the pros and cons of Pinecone Research…

    Pinecone Research Pros And Cons

    Here are the pros and cons of Pinecone Research that you can use to decide if this is the right survey platform for you…


    • Easy to join and user-friendly website and app
    • $3 per survey is a consistently higher payout than most survey sites
    • Chance to test out new/unreleased products
    • Pre-selection to fit your demographic helps ensure you aren’t wasting time on surveys you might be disqualified for mid-way
    • Sweepstakes give an opportunity to win big payouts.
    • No minimum cash out
    • A legit company backed by an A+ rated organization


    • A very selective platform that might not accept your application
    • Have to wait for surveys to be available, and there aren’t many surveys available.
    • It no longer has a PayPal method. 
    • Will not replace your job.
    • Possibility of your account getting deactivated

    As you can see, there are a lot of pros to using Pinecone Research, but there are also a good amount of cons, so you have to decide if Pinecone research is right for you.

    Now, let’s get into some FAQs about Pinecone Research…

    Pinecone Research Review FAQs

    Pinecone Research Review FAQs

    Here are some FAQs about Pinecone Research

    How Long Do Pinecone Surveys Take?

    Each survey on Pinecone Research takes at least 10 minutes to 20 minutes to complete.

    What Is Pinecone Research Looking For?

    Pinecone Research is looking for individuals in a certain demographic to complete surveys to gather data to develop and improve a wide range of products.

    How Do I Join Pinecone Research?

    You can join Pinecone research by using this link. Simply complete the required information and wait to see if they approve or reject your application.

    Is Pinecone Research Available In India?

    Unfortunately, Pinecone Research is not available in India. They are only available in the U.S, U.K, Canada, and Germany at this time.

    How Do You Qualify For Pinecone Research?

    Qualifying for Pinecone Research depends on your geographical location and your demographics.

    Is Pinecone Research A Legit Company?

    Yes, Pinecone Research is a legit company owned and operated by the Nielsen Company that has been around since 1923, focusing on market research.

    Is There A Pinecone Research App?

    Yes, Pinecone Research has an app available for iOS and Android devices. The app helps bring a more mobile-friendly user experience to your online earning efforts.


    That’s pretty much it for this Pinecone Research review!

    You now know all you need to know about Pinecone Research to decide if this is the right survey platform for you.

    Pinecone Research is an excellent survey platform that pays well. Still, due to their highly selective process and low volume of surveys, I recommend pairing this up with other survey platforms.

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    What do you think about this Pinecone Research review? Have you used Pinecone Research before? Let me know in the comments below!

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