21 Jobs That Don’t Suck – Make Money & Be Happy

Looking for Jobs that don’t suck? Jobs that provide freedom?

Well… this is the post for you!

According to Gettysburg College, one-third of your life is spent working so don’t you want to ensure that you are in a job where you are happy?

Of course, you do! This is why I put this list together of the best jobs that don’t suck and where you can find happiness and freedom!

Use this list to get ideas of jobs that will make you happy and find jobs that you are passionate about.

With that said, let’s get straight into this post…

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    Jobs That Don’t Suck

    Before we continue I have to drop a reality bomb on you…

    You will rarely find a job that is pure sunshine and rainbows all the time. I mean a job is still a job and there will be times of stress and frustration where you will rather not be working.


    What you want to do is find a job that you love doing where the pros greatly outweigh the cons.

    Plus, everyone is different so a great job for someone else might not be the right job for you.

    And get this…

    Some of these jobs will allow you the freedom to work multiple jobs to maximize your income!

    Here are some of the best jobs that don’t suck that I recommend checking out…

    Digital Marketer

    As a digital marketer, you can work wherever you want and you can work whenever you want as a freelancer. One of the best ways to get started in digital marketing is by starting a blog!


    As a flipper, you will be able to find interesting items that you can purchase cheaply and sell for a massive profit! Plus, you are your own boss. Check out this free webinar to learn more!

    Freelance Writer

    A great job that doesn’t suck is being a freelance writer. You can work whenever you want as a freelance writer and make a lot of money! Check out this course to learn more!


    As a photographer, you will be able to do something you love and capture great moments and sceneries! You can be your own boss and work when you want!

    Now let’s dig deeper into these jobs and go over many other jobs that don’t suck…

    Digital Marketer

    Get a job as a digital marketer

    One of the best jobs that don’t suck is a digital marketer.

    Digital Marketing consists of a couple of fields such as a blogger, SEO specialist, copywriter, etc…

    As a blogger, I am a bit biased towards digital marketing because I know how much freedom you can have with jobs in digital marketing!

    The great thing about digital marketing jobs is that they are mostly all done online so you are not tied down to a specific location.

    This is great for those who love to travel!

    Plus, if you choose the route of being a blogger then it means you work for yourself so you can work when you want wherever you want!

    So, no more grumpy mornings struggling to get out of bed. Which is a big plus in my book!

    However, being a blogger or working for yourself in any digital marketing field can consist of a lot of work so you have to make sure you enjoy the work.

    You can find digital marketing jobs on job sites like Indeed, Ziprecruiter, Glassdoor, etc…

    Or you can start blogging or offer digital marketing services and become an entrepreneur!

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      Computer Programmer

      If you are tech-savvy and have a love for technology then consider a career in programming.

      Programming is one of the best jobs that don’t suck because it is location independent and there are so many different opportunities in programming.

      You can take a programming job or you can be a freelance programmer taking projects when you want!

      It’s an amazing career path that allows you the freedom to work where you want and by freelancing you can work when you want.

      Plus, you can also create your own apps and programs as a computer programmer and start making money this way!

      To find programming jobs check out Authentic Jobs, Dice, etc…

      For freelance jobs check out TaskRabbit, UpWork, Gigster and Guru.


      Get a job as a tutor

      If you are good at pretty much anything then why not become a tutor or instructor for that topic?

      You can tutor people on certain school subjects, languages, music, etc…

      The great thing about tutoring is that you can be your own boss so you can set your own rates and hours!

      Plus, another great thing about tutoring is that with most subjects you can tutor remotely by utilizing technology.

      Since you can set your own rates and hours being a tutor/instructor is a great job that you should consider checking out!

      To find tutoring jobs check out Chegg Tutor, Elevate K-12, Studypool, or market your services yourself to maximize your income!

      Delivery Jobs

      I know that delivery jobs aren’t really looked at as great jobs but times have changed with technology to make this a great job.

      When I’m talking about delivery jobs I’m not recommending that you become a delivery driver for your local pizzeria, I’m talking about utilizing delivery apps.

      You can use apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and UberEats to make money from doing deliveries on your own time!

      Plus, you can make tips by using these apps to deliver food which is awesome!

      I recommend signing up for multiple delivery apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash so you can pick the best jobs for you!

      All you need is a driver’s license and a reliable car and you are good to do. Work anytime you want!

      Check out Uber Eats and DoorDash to start making money now!

      Freelance Writer

      Become a freelance writer

      We went over becoming a digital marketer earlier and about the idea of potentially starting a blog for income.

      But… I also mentioned that there is a tremendous amount of work that goes into creating and maintaining a successful blog.

      So, if you are not ready to do this then why not become a freelance writer for other blogs and media sites?

      As a freelance writer, you can take gigs when you want!

      According to ZipRecruiter, Freelance writers make $30 an hour on average which isn’t bad at all and they can make up to $75 an hour!

      If you are interested in becoming a freelance writer I recommend checking out this course called Write Your Way To Your First $1K.

      Make money with freelance writing jobs

      My friend Elna created this awesome course to teach aspiring freelance writers all they need to know to make money as a freelance writer.

      She struggled as a freelance writer but is now making a killing and she is giving all her tips and tricks in her Write Your Way To Your First $1K course.

      You will even learn how to find high-paying clients easily so you can save time hunting for job opportunities!

      I highly recommend checking out the Write Your Way To Your First $1K course if you are interested in becoming a freelance writer.


      A really interesting hustle that can turn into a full-time job is becoming a flipper.

      To get started flipping all you need is some cash and a way to get around, that’s it!

      There are no qualifications or requirements needed to become a flipper, you just need to start.

      Flipping is one of the best jobs that don’t suck because it’s actually quite fun to flip items.

      You will get to see some interesting items that can make you a lot of money!

      But to master flipping, you need to use proven methods and strategies. Luckily for you, I have the perfect course for you…

      My friends Rob and Melissa are expert flippers who constantly make over $100,000 a year from flipping alone.

      They have put together a course called Flipper University where you will get all their strategies and tips to make a lot of money flipping!

      Make money flipping items

      For example, they purchased an exercise machine for $40 and sold it for $1,000! This one flip provided a profit of $960!

      Plus, Rob and Melissa now offer a free Webinar that you can join if you aren’t ready to purchase the course just as yet.

      Get access to the free webinar and start learning how to flip items properly!

      Flipping is a great way to make money and it’s pretty fun to do as well.


      Consultant jobs

      I admit that this one is pretty vague since you can pretty much be a consultant for anything but being a consultant will provide you with more freedom than being an employee.

      You can be an IT consultant, Financial Consultant, HR Consultant, Marketing Consultant, etc…

      A lot of 9 – 5 jobs can actually be done as a consultant and while you miss out on certain benefits from being an employee you gain freedom from a 9 – 5 job.

      Consultants are not tied down to a specific company, you pretty much work for yourself which allows for a great work/life balance.

      You might even get paid more as a consultant than an employee!

      Learn more about becoming a consultant here.

      Travel Nurse

      If you have a love for helping people, healthcare, and traveling then being a travel nurse might be the perfect job for you!

      A travel nurse is simply a nurse that takes contracts in different locations around the country for a set period of time.

      This is a great career path if you are someone who loves experiencing new places and new things.

      Plus, some travel nursing companies will pay for your housing and you will also receive a stipend for travel/food!

      And… nurses get paid very well. According to Indeed, travel nurses make $92,519 on average!

      Another plus is that a lot of nurses work 3 days on and 4 days off so you get a lot of freedom as a nurse.

      This is one of the best career paths if you love to travel and have freedom!


      Get a job as a chef

      If you have a passion for cooking then becoming a chef might be a great job for you.

      You know the old saying, if you do what you love, then you’ll never work a day in your life.

      So, if you love cooking then why not become a chef? You’ll get to be creative and create new dishes.

      Plus, the pay for a chef is pretty good. As you gain more experience you will get a lot more money!

      If you are interested in becoming a chef consider taking some cooking classes or going to culinary school.

      Social Media Manager

      One of the best jobs that don’t suck that I recommend checking out is becoming a social media marketer.

      A lot of bloggers and entrepreneurs are super busy and they just don’t have the time to keep up with all the different social media platforms.

      So, they are willing to pay a good amount of money to let someone else manage their social media profiles for them!

      As a social media manager, you can focus on one, a few, or all social media platforms.

      You will need to post content on social media profiles, grow the account, engage with followers/users, etc…

      The great thing about being a social media manager is that even though you are working for clients you are essentially your own boss and can work from anywhere!

      However, there is a lot that goes into successfully managing social media accounts so I recommend taking this course that will teach you all you need to know about becoming a social media manager.

      Make money as a social media manager

      This course doesn’t cost much but the value is tremendous! You will learn all the different strategies that are used to grow social media accounts!

      Website Designer

      Become a website designer

      Another great job that can fall in the digital marketing realm is a website designer.

      A website designer is pretty self-explanatory, it’s someone who designs websites to look good, be user friendly, fast, etc…

      There are billions of websites on the internet and not everyone who owns a website knows how to design it properly.

      This is where you can step in and make some good money!

      As a website designer you can work from anywhere there is an internet connection and you don’t have to be tied down to a certain company!

      There are many freelance opportunities available for website designers on gig sites like TaskRabbit, UpWork, Guru, etc…

      It’s best to learn HTML and CSS programming if you want to become a website designer.


      If you have a love for photography then why not be a photographer?

      I admit, being a photographer is not a really high-paying job but if you love to do it then it’s definitely a job that doesn’t suck!

      With the power of the internet and social media, photography has changed a lot and there are a lot of opportunities to make money from photography.

      You can start a social media page where you post your photos and have a website where you can sell your photos.

      Or, you can work as a freelance photographer to take pictures of people on different occasions.

      You can also create a course online teaching people how to take pictures properly and how to become a photographer.

      There are many opportunities to make money as a photographer, you just have to get creative!

      Food Taster

      get paid to test food

      We went over becoming a chef earlier but not everyone loves to cook, some just like to eat and that’s where being a food taster comes in!

      You can actually get paid to eat and review food! Yes, it’s a real job!

      Now, of course, some things you eat will not taste that good but it’s just part of the job.

      You will most likely need a background in culinary arts to be a successful food taster so you can develop a good sense of different flavor profiles.

      However, there are not a lot of opportunities to become a food taster but if you land this job you will get paid to eat!

      Game Designer

      If you are a video game lover then why not become a game designer?

      The video game market is huge right now and it’s only getting bigger!

      You can capitalize on this and become a game designer to create new and awesome video games.

      The pay is great and you will be doing something you love so what’s to lose?!

      You will need a programming background and graphic design skills to be a successful video game designer.

      Pet Walker/Sitter

      Have a love for animals and want to work with them while maintaining some freedom?

      Then you should definitely consider becoming a pet walker/sitter!

      This might not seem like a real job but there are people making a lot of money from doing this!

      Plus, you get to set your own hours and rates!

      I highly recommend checking out Rover which is a platform where you can list your services and get clients easily!

      On Rover, you can set your own rates and hours which provides you with a great amount of freedom.

      Fitness Instructor

      If you love working out and staying fit then why not share your tips with others and get paid for it?!

      As a fitness instructor, you can make over $50 an hour easily by training others how to work out properly.

      Fitness is a fast-growing market and I’m sure you’ve seen that gyms are popping up everywhere so there are a lot of opportunities to become a fitness instructor.

      You will need to get certified as a fitness instructor and it helps to get a nutrition certification as well.

      The great thing about being a fitness instructor is that you can work at multiple gyms or you can be a freelance fitness instructor and do one-on-one sessions at your client’s house.

      It’s a great job for those who have a passion for fitness and health!


      Make money as a DJ

      Have a passion for music and want to be the life of the party? Then consider becoming a DJ.

      All you need to become a DJ is the equipment and that’s it!

      You will work for yourself so you can set your own rates and hours for your DJ service!

      Plus, you will always get to party which isn’t a bad job at all.

      Consider becoming a DJ if you have a love for music!

      Makeup Artist

      If you are someone who loves doing your makeup and applying makeup on others then why not become a makeup artist and get paid for it?

      Being a makeup artist is one of the jobs that don’t suck because of the opportunities available!

      You can be a freelance makeup artist and get paid by clients who need their makeup done.

      Or, you can start a YouTube channel or Instagram page showcasing your makeup skills and then get paid to partner with makeup brands.

      I mean you can do both! Why not?!

      If you have a love for makeup then being a makeup artist might be the right job for you!

      Virtual Assistant

      Take jobs as a virtual assistant

      If you are looking for jobs that don’t suck then you should consider becoming a virtual assistant.

      Virtual assistants are in high demand as companies are constantly looking for assistants to handle various tasks.

      You can even be a virtual assistant for bloggers and other entrepreneurs setting your own rates and hours!

      Being a virtual assistant gives you the freedom to work at home which is awesome!

      My friend Abbey is a successful virtual assistant and is making a lot of money from doing this.

      And get this… she is sharing all her secrets in her Virtual Assistant course where you will get proven strategies to get clients and make money fast.

      Get paid as a virtual assistant

      Check out the Virtual Assistant course here!

      Event Planner

      If you are a creative person who likes to design and plan things for occasions then consider becoming an event planner.

      As an event planner, you will be in charge of those special days for people like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc…

      You can either work for an event planning company or start your own business and start taking on clients.

      As your own boss, you can set your own rates and take the jobs you want to do which provide freedom and happiness!

      If this sounds good to you, consider becoming an event planner.

      Etsy Seller

      Sell products on Etsy

      If you are looking for jobs that don’t suck and a job that can provide a great amount of freedom and money then you should look into becoming an Etsy seller.

      As an Etsy seller, you can create products to sell so you can make money!

      You definitely have to be the creative type for this but if you are then this can be the right job for you.

      All you need to do is sign up as an Etsy seller and then start listing your products to sell, then just ship them out and get paid!

      You can easily make over $100,000 from your Etsy store!

      However, there are some proven strategies and methods that you should use to become a successful Etsy seller.

      Because of this, I recommend that you get more training before jumping the gun and becoming an Etsy seller.

      Make money selling on Etsy

      This course will teach you all you need to know about becoming an Etsy seller and it’s really cheap considering all the information you’ll get!

      Check out this course if you are interested in becoming an Etsy Seller.


      These are some of the best jobs that don’t suck that you can start right now!

      As stated earlier, you spend one-third of your life working so you should definitely make sure that you are doing something you love or are passionate about otherwise you will be miserable.

      I recommend taking jobs that provide a good work-life balance and allow you a good amount of free time to do other things.

      If you like this post then I recommend checking out my post on 22 Best Online Jobs For College Students and 44 Best Online Proofreading Jobs.

      What is your current job and what is your dream job? What are some other jobs that don’t suck? Let me know in the comments below!

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