Is HealthyWage Legit? Can You Win $10,000?

Is HealthyWage legit? Can you actually make money with this platform?

In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about HealthyWage and you will see if HealthyWage is right for you.

HealthyWage claims that you can win money for simply losing weight!

Sounds too good to be true right?

Well, let’s dig deeper into this post to see if HealthyWage is legit…

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    What Is HealthyWage?

    What Is HealthyWage

    HealthyWage is an awesome platform where you can win cash prizes for just losing weight!

    In fact, you can win up to $10,000 on HealthyWage!

    They were founded in 2009 so they have been around for some time now and they have been featured on big media sites like CNN, The New York Times, Good Morning America, etc…

    With HealthyWage you can actually make money for losing weight! What’s better than that?!

    It seems too good to be true which leads people to ask the question “is HealthyWage legit?”

    Let’s answer this question…

    Is HealthyWage Legit?

    I mean getting paid to lose weight seems unreal so it isn’t crazy to think that HealthyWage is a scam.


    I am here to tell you that HealthyWage is definitely not a scam, it is a 100% legitimate platform!

    HealthyWage has a BBB rating of A and they have a 4.1-star rating on SiteJabber.

    Plus, they have been around for over 10 years. Time in business is usually a good indication of the legitimacy of the company since scammers don’t stay in business for long.

    HealthyWage has 1,000’s of members and there are many success stories that we will go over later.

    HealthyWage Winner

    So… The long story short is that HealthyWage is completely legit and safe to use!

    How Does HealthyWage Work?

    Learn How HealthyWage Works

    HealthyWage is a free service that is super easy to use! You just need to place a bet on the amount of weight you will lose.

    I know this sounds like gambling which I am against but it’s actually not like gambling because you are totally in control of the end results.

    As long as you meet your weight loss goal you will win money! So be realistic in your goals to ensure you are not aiming too high and throwing money away.

    There are just 4 steps that you need to do to get this all set up (as shown in the image above).

    Just use the HealthyWage calculator to enter your weight loss goal, how long you will take, and how much you are betting each month then calculate how much money you can win.

    Play around with the numbers to set a realistic goal with the most earnings!

    You will get a prize range right away but to get the exact winnings you will need to answer a few more questions that are super straightforward.

    Let’s see how to use the calculator…

    Using The HealthyWage Calculator

    HealthyWage Calculator

    HealthyWage made their calculator super easy to use! Check out the calculator here!

    Note, that you will need to set a weight loss goal of at least 10% of your body weight to place a bet on HealthyWage.

    After you set the amount of weight you want to lose you will then have to choose how long you will take to lose the weight.

    Then enter how much money you want to bet each month. You will then see your prize range.

    To get the exact prize number you will have to fill out some more information such as gender, height, current weight, and weight size.

    Then just create a free account to see how much money you can win by using HealthyWage!

    For example, I put a weight loss goal of 50 pounds in 10 months with a bet of $50 a month and my prize turned out to be $792.16 with a profit of $292.16!

    HealthyWage Prize

    You will see the exact prize amount and the profit you will get for placing this bet. If you don’t like this bet you can calculate another bet.

    Making The Bet

    If you are happy with your bet you can select continue and then you can choose to pay the full bet in one payment or monthly installments.

    I recommend choosing monthly installments so that you stay motivated to lose weight!

    Then you will have to provide your credit card information to make the payments.

    Verifying Your Weight

    One of the things that you will have to do to take place in the bet is to confirm your weight.

    So, you can’t hold your kids and pets while weighing yourself!

    There are two ways to verify your weight:

    You can make a video of your weigh-in and upload it to HealthyWage where an employee will review the video to make sure it is legitimate.

    Or, you can download the HealthyWage app on your phone and have a “referee” witness the weigh-in to confirm its legitimacy.

    You will also have to do this at the end of the challenge to confirm your end weight.

    Completing The Challenge

    Completing HealthyWage Challenge

    After you finish signing up, placing your bet, and doing the weigh-in it’s time to start losing some weight to make some money!

    It’s definitely the hard part but if you set a realistic goal it is definitely possible.

    You will be assigned a date in the time frame you set for when the challenge will be completed.

    All you need to do is hit your goal by the deadline and you will win the prize! All the way up to $10,000!

    It’s super simple to win money on HealthyWage but it won’t be an easy journey to lose weight so only bet what you can afford to lose and work your butt off so you win the money!

    HealthyWage Team Challenge

    HealthyWage Teams Challenge

    If you don’t want to lose weight on your own why not join a team and take the HealthyWage Team Challenge.

    There are two main reasons why this is better than doing the challenge on your own…

    The first reason is that you will be more motivated to lose weight when you are part of a team because you and your team will keep each other motivated.

    And, the other reason is that if your team wins the challenge you all will get $10,000 to split!

    Each team consists of 5 people so that means you can win $2,000 for winning the challenge!

    Team challenges are announced a few times a year and they last for 3 months.

    The team with the highest average percentage of weight loss will win the challenge. So, everyone on the team will have to work hard!

    Each member of the team will have to do a verified weigh-in before starting the challenge and then another verified weigh-in at the end of the challenge.

    The bet for the teams challenge is $33.00 for 3 months ($99.00 total) for each team member.

    So, you will spend $99.00 for the challenge with the potential of winning $2,000 all to yourself which leaves you with a profit of $1901!

    You will lose weight and get money! It doesn’t get much better than this!

    HealthyWage Corporate Challenge

    There is also a corporate challenge available on HealthyWage so companies can introduce a healthy lifestyle to their employees.

    The challenge is exactly the same as the Teams challenge so just get together with 4 co-workers to create a team of 5 and then start losing weight!

    You can win $10,000 by taking this challenge!

    Steps Challenge

    Another great feature that HealthyWage offers is its steps challenge.

    First, you need to sign up for a free HealthyWage account, and then you will sign up to be part of the steps challenge.

    You will have to pay an entrance fee that will be determined when you sign up for the challenge and then you will start the challenge.

    There are two challenges, one you can do by yourself and one you can do with a team.

    For the individual challenge all you need to do is sign up for the challenge, pay the entrance fee and you will be given a goal that is calculated by your step history.

    You will link your HealthyWage account to your Fitbit or step-tracking app so HealthyWage can see your step history and track your steps.

    If you achieve your goal you will split the prize with other HealthyWage members that achieved their goal.

    The team challenge consists of two different challenges, a 30-day challenge, and a 100-day challenge.

    For the 30-day challenge, your team will need a combined total of 300,000 steps to win the challenge and for the 100-day challenge, you will need a combined total of 1 million steps to win.

    You can pay the entrance fee all at once or pay in installments.

    If your team achieves the total steps you will win the prize and it will be split amongst your team members!

    Does HealthyWage Work?

    Does HealthyWage Work

    HealthyWage absolutely works! There are many success stories that we will go over in the next section.

    The reason that HealthyWage works is that they incentivize you to lose weight!

    There are really two parts to why HealthyWage is so successful, one is due to the fact that you won’t want to lose the money you put into the challenge and the other is that you want to win the prize!

    Plus, if you participate in the Teams challenge you will have people to keep you motivated to lose weight and win the $10,000 prize!

    HealthyWage Success Stories

    HealthyWage Success Stories

    Now that we answered the question “is HealthyWage legit?” let’s check out some success stories so you can see how legit HealthyWage actually is…

    Anastasia W. lost 41 pounds in 18 months to win $10,000!

    Success Story 1

    Darchelle W. lost 44 pounds in 6 months to win $2,000

    Success Story 2

    Jeremy M. lost 71 pounds in 6 months to win $1,886

    Success Story 3

    Melony D. lost 64 pounds in 15 months to win $6,045

    Success Story 4

    Christian C. lost 64 pounds in 8 months to win $2,496

    Success Story 6

    And there are many more success stories!

    As you can see, HealthyWage is legit and you can really make money on this platform as long as you achieve your weight loss goal!

    The average winner on HealthyWage earns $1,331 so sign up for your free HealthyWage account now!

    HealthyWage Tips

    HealthyWage Tips

    Now, let’s go over some HealthyWage tips to maximize your chances of winning the prize…

    • The most important tip is to set a realistic goal. You need to set a goal you know you can achieve to maximize your chance to win the prize.
    • Bet a meaningful amount of money. It sucks to lose money but it sucks more to lose a lot of money so bet bigger so you are more motivated to lose weight so you don’t lose your bet. Plus, the prize will be bigger if you bet more money.
    • Join a supportive community to keep you motivated, either join a team on HealthyWage or be part of an outside community that focuses on weight loss.
    • Give yourself a time buffer, things happen in life so it’s best to give yourself more time to lose the weight than you originally intended. This will give you some extra security.
    • Set a plan and stick with it! The best thing you can do to lose weight is to be consistent. Set a workout regime and meal plan and just stick to it.

    Is HealthyWage Right For You?

    So should you use HealthyWage? Is it right for you?

    Well, if you are already skinny or thin like I am then it doesn’t make much sense to sign up to HealthyWage because you won’t have much weight to lose.


    If you are on the heavier side and you want to lose weight then HealthyWage is perfect for you!

    I mean, if you are already planning to lose weight then why not get paid for it!?

    If you are not planning to lose weight then I don’t recommend signing up for HealthyWage because it will be just like throwing money down the drain.

    If you are ready to lose weight and if you are ready for the chance to win $10,000 then I highly recommend signing up for a free HealthyWage account!

    HealthyWage FAQ’s

    HealthyWage FAQ's

    Here are some frequently asked questions about HealthyWage…

    What Is The Catch With HealthyWage?

    There is no catch with HealthyWage. All you need to do is sign up for a free account, make your bet, then lost weight for a chance to win a cash prize!

    Who Owns HealthyWage?

    HealthyWage is its own company that was founded in 2009 and has its headquarters in Coral Gables, Florida, USA.

    Can You Cancel HealthyWage?

    HealthyWage does not allow you to cancel the challenge and they do not offer refunds. So, make sure you are fully ready to commit to the challenge before making your bet.

    Is HealthyWage Legal?

    Yes, HealthyWage is completely legal. There are no scams or illegal tactics used by HealthyWage.

    Can I Do HealthyWage More Than Once?

    Yes, you can complete multiple challenges on HealthyWage but you must get your weight verified at the beginning and end of each challenge.

    How Long Does it Take To Get Money On HealthyWage?

    If you win a challenge it will take 2 to 5 days to receive your money into your PayPal account. For a check, it will take 1 to 3 weeks.

    What Does HealthyWage Cost?

    HealthyWage is completely free to join but you must make bets to compete in challenges and this bet is determined by what you want to pay. Teams’ challenges are set to a fixed bet amount.


    Now that we answered the question “is HealthyWage legit” are you ready to take the weight loss challenge!?

    You can win up to $10,000 by taking the HealthyWage challenge!

    Just sign up for your free account and then make your bet for a chance to win a cash prize.

    Some people might see this as gambling but the outcome is totally in your control so you have a very high chance of winning the bet.

    So, if you are looking to lose weight then I highly recommend signing up for HealthyWage since it will keep you motivated and you can win a cash prize!

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    Have you used HealthyWage before? Now that we answered the question “is HealthyWage legit” will you sign up for HealthyWage? Let me know in the comments below!

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