How To Be Successful

I remember the feeling of seeing articles about the world’s richest people and then looking at their net worth and honestly… feeling kind of mad.

Questions flooded my mind about why does one person need billions of dollars? What do you do with that kind of money?

I just need a bit of that person’s net worth and my life will be complete, they are so lucky!

Now, after reading many personal finance books and changing my mindset about money and success I know that money is only a by-product of success.

Most of these people weren’t lucky, they worked and created a product or service that revolutionized an industry or even the world.

Money is only a byproduct of this success.

Success does not equal money, it is more of a cause and effect relationship.

If I become successful then the money will come, but maybe the money won’t come and maybe that’s just what you need to be successful. I will explain this in a bit.

I know what you’re thinking, well if success isn’t measured by how wealthy I am then what is it measured by?

Well let’s get into it:

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    What is Success?

    This idea of success is all relative to what we feel success may be.

    Yes, this is very vague, that is why we list 4 steps to accomplish in order to be successful.


    Anything in life you do is for happiness and self-satisfaction, think about it.

    Why do you want to have a lot of money? To just have at it and look at it all day?

    No, you want a lot of money so you can buy stuff and do things that will make you happy.

    Success is simply a measure of how happy you are with your life and the situations that surround you.

    Find that thing that makes you truly happy and this will lead to a very successful life, this ties directly in the next point.


    Your purpose in life is very important to figure out.

    It is the single most powerful driving factor in your journey to success.

    Your purpose is simply something to live for, something that will bring you constant happiness while pursuing it.

    This purpose of yours may not make you “rich” in terms of money but you will feel a sense of fulfillment and completeness like you’ve never felt before.

    Impact On Others

    You got your purpose and you feel utter happiness.

    What else?

    Well, the next step is to help others.

    We are a product of our environment and with technology essentially making the world smaller, we are impacted by issues that occur around the world.

    While it is true you can only help those who seek it, there are many people who need a helping hand.

    This ties back to the point I made earlier which was that maybe success for you is to give back, and this may never bring sums of money your way but if you are happy and you feel like this is your purpose then you are successful.

    There are many ways you can give back and help those in need without money.

    Have an Impact on Others, give a helping hand leads to success

    Achieving Your Set Goals

    The last point is to achieve your goals.

    Now that you have your purpose in life, what are your goals and how do you plan to achieve these goals?

    It is great to say I want to help others but how will you help these people and how can you help more people than you did last year?

    Do this by setting goals to better yourself, challenge yourself to outdo your previous performance.

    If you want to run your own business, how can you maximize profits and keep growing your business?

    You should set goals to have a clear milestone to reach.

    To accomplish something leads to having great satisfaction in oneself.

    Achievement leads to success, happiness lies in achieving something

    By accomplishing these 4 points, you will truly be successful!


    Success is something we feel within ourselves, it is not defined by the amount of money we have.

    You will be successful when you accomplish these 4 steps:

    • Happiness/Self-satisfaction
    • Purpose in life
    • Have an impact on others
    • Achieving your goals

    Know that Success is doing whatever it takes…

    Success isn’t only making a certain amount of money or achieving a certain job title. Success is personal to you and with these 4 steps, you can live a truly successful life!

    What does success mean to you? Do you agree with these 4 steps?

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